Wednesday, September 28, 2005

going through my head


is there anything more disgustingly yummy than alpha-getti (or any of its counterparts in different shapes)? i know it's the can in the cupboard that should be reserved for serious hangovers but man, it was there, i needed lunch, you see how the pieces fell together.

as i was stirring the pot, keeping the tender noodles from burning to the bottom, i looked for the letters i would need to take the above photo*. i found all but the "t" and just as my mouth opened to curse Heinz to the bowels of hell for skimping on "t", the letter popped up through the murky tomato sauce (i don't think it's tomato sauce really, more like sugar, oil, and red dye #42).

so in a couple of weeks i'm going to jet off to the east coast for a few days. first it was looking like Cape Breton but now the lean is towards Newfoundland. I've never seen the east but have always wanted to. why not vacation in my own country for crying out exchange!

this joint needs a face lift. i'm going to try to post photos and/or artwork before each post. i love the visual aspect of online journals.

* yes, as sad as it is i took the time to play with my food in order to take a photo for my blog.