Monday, July 25, 2005

thank you kelsey*

imagine the serenity of a cool crystal blue pool, tiny ripples sliding along the surface with each gentle breeze. a lush oasis of trees and flowers surrounding you, the sounds of birds and cicadas in the trees. the heat is intense and beads of sweat slowly glide down your body tickling your skin and leaving a glow.

imagine yourself walking into that pool, each inch refreshes you more and more. the beads of sweat halt and drops of water take their place. you lie back and relax, you allow the water to hold you up. you close your eyes and lazily float to the sounds of nature.

now imagine a dog walking towards the back fence and laying the biggest turd you could imagine. the intense heat cooks it as it lies in the grass and those gentle breezes carry the poo smell over to your nose. you can't escape it, there's no where to go. the dog has gone inside because it can no longer handle the heat and you are stuck with the stench of cooking shit.

* my parents golden lab