Monday, July 04, 2005

take me away

photo i took in st. lucia

sometimes i get hit with something, i haven't been hit in a while, but i'm being hit right now. i'm never sure what brings it on but once it's here it tends to stay a while. that something is wanderlust.

i want to go somewhere, i want the money to go somewhere. the destination changes every time. of course there are places i always want to go but some of those places stand out more than others during these periods of wanderlust. usually i'm fantasizing about strolling throught the streets of italy in a flowy dress and designer sunglasses or kissing a cute boy after a few glasses of red wine and expensive cheese on baguettes under a streetlamp on a bridge over the river seine as big fluffy snowflakes fall (a total cliche paris image, forgive me for i am a romantic and can not be helped). currently my visions and fantasies are set on africa. this is a place i must see before i die. i'm not sure why i'm drawn there and hell, i'm not even afraid of the needles i have to get before i go (i used to be, needles and myself don't go to well together....i hate the damn things).

i want to bring my camera on a safari, i want to feel the heat of the mid afternoon sun burn through my clothes, i want to learn about a rich and beautiful culture by being there, not by reading about it. i want to write journal entries with words like "this morning when the zebra....." i want to put my feet on a ground many miles away.

below: some photos of my travels;

central park

st. lucia


pigeon island, st. lucia

well shit, i don't have as many travel photos on my computer as i thought. i really regret no being into photography when i spent 4 weeks in england and france, i would have some pretty sweet ass photos that's for sure. i went to places that were so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes.