Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the loving night

we never made it to african lion safari today, kevin had family things to do. oh well, another time.

right now i'm relaxing, listening to some downtempo, and enjoying the smell of the Kyphi incense i bought at the wicca shoppe (good for developing the more visual aspects of the psychic. enlightens the night. dreams, meditation, astral projection). speaking of astral projection, do you need a passport for that sort of thing? i'm pretty sure mine is good until october but what if it's not? what if i astral project tonight and i'm not let into the spiritual plain because i've let my passport expire?

i really have to recommend the incense from the wicca shoppe, it's so delicious. i bought 3 kinds and all of them are beautiful. i have the kyphi ("the loving night"), jasmine ("hearts fortune".....jasmine is one of my favourite scents), and pagan party (for sexiness, passion).

i feel a more spiritual side of me trying to push its way out. i don't know why it has to push its way out, i should just let it happen. after a very long period of heavy emotions (which has still not ended but seems to have become the norm for me) i'm taking time for myself, exploring myself. so much has changed in me since the timeline which is approaching a year now. it's a very strange feeling to realize a change, changing who you've always been is not an easy thing to do. the pain and hurt were and are not a pleasant thing by any means but they have definitely helped me to grow....and i don't think i'm done.

right now i would love to be lying in/on A) an open field B) the deck of a sailboat looking up at the stars. complete silence.