Monday, July 25, 2005

the false safari


seriously, how did that dog get up there? i mean it's a bassett hound for crying out loud, they aren't exactly nimble. sort of funny to see that guy up there in a spot that would normally be reserved for a cat.

yesterday i got my nose pierced again. i had it done a couple years ago (kate and i went, she got her belly button done) but my mom kind of flipped when she saw me with a spike in my face (it was the only stud they had left, i wanted a ball but whatever). this time i warned her before hand and she took the site of it a lot better. once the initial 8 weeks are up the ball is coming out and a wee diamond (or fake diamond rather, something sparkly) will take it's place. yes it hurt but it was a quick ouch.

tomorrow i have a date with kevin (kate's luvah) to go to african lion safari. i've never been and i figure it's the closest i'll be getting to africa (a dream destination) any time soon. i really hope i can get out and frolic with the animals but i doubt it, i don't think the rangers, or whatever they are, are going to risk me getting eaten by lions.....bummer. i guess i'll just have to enjoy watching monkeys whack off on the hood of the car.