Tuesday, July 12, 2005

eating twinkies to Bolero


i had the most fantabulous, spectaculous, marvelicious day of theater on saturday. i laughed so much i won't need to do situps for a month.

the first show was with starr to see 'The Making of Jurassic Park: The Musical' which is a part of the Fringe Fest. it's put on by the hilarious boys of Electric Boogaloo and if you are in toronto and do not want a serious elbow breaking from me....you WILL go see it! * read a review here*

the second show was Blue Man Group and i had SO much fun with kate & kevin at this one. first off we were offered a drink while we sat there waiting for the show to start (of course we agreed to have one). second off a guy came buy handing out crepe paper saying "blue man headband?"......everyone in the audience had these pieces of paper tied to their heads, it was hilarious. the first 4 or 5 rows had ponchos on the seats for us to wear (we were in the third row) just in case anything flew off the stage and messed us up. so it was extra funny to see a bunch on people wearing ponchos, drinking beer, with paper tied to their heads in a theater setting.

with a "you guys want more paper?" and my response of "yeah we want more paper", we ended up getting the rest of the 6 or so rolls of it dumped on us. kate wanted puffy sleeves on her poncho so we took some streamers and fashioned a beautiful set (it really was to die for, eat your heart out Dolce & Gabbana). i sat through the show with the rest of streamers on my ponchoed lap.

so, the show began and i was already having a blast with my plastic cup of wine between my knees as i applauded and yelled and did whatever the hell else we were told to do. then one of the "men" jumped off the stage and started climbing over the seats. he got to our row and put one hand on my head and the other on kate's, then stood with one foot on kate's shoulder for quite some time. he then moved on. i thought i was going to pee laughing. it was gorgeously surreal, the whole show. by the time it was over the theater was trashed, covered with crepe paper streamers. i asked the girl beside me "how do we get out of here now?" to which she answered "dig". i had to tear through it to get out of my seat, it was piled so high. the people in the back of the theater kept passing it up and eventually the row in front of us stopped accepting it. i lost kate at one point and she was right beside me for crying out loud, i couldn't see her, the paper had consumed my little sister.

i want to go again.