Tuesday, June 07, 2005

sunshine superwomen


how much sweeter could the weekend weather have been? the ladies lounged in and by the pool all day on sunday and it was glorious! of course there were cocktails and munchies and a cosmo mag to keep us entertained too.

my mom did a whole load of gardening and created a backyard oasis (my parents house is the BEST place to be in the summer.....it's been dubbed 'Club Hutton'). we took a break mid afternoon and headed over to wal-mart so i could get a pair of the cute as hell shoes starr got there and mom could have a look at their garden center. no luck with the shoes but we did end up going a bit nuts in other departments. starr found some supremely cute knickers that we both had to have, i found a strawberry shortcake t-shirt with rhinestones on it (excuse me but how can a girl pass up rhinestones?), kate found a happy face volleyball for the dogs, mom had no luck with the plants but found a new sprinkler (whoot whoot), we grabbed some bbq provisions and starr & i HAD to have a box of drumsticks.

then it was back to the pool for more relaxing. yup, it was a pretty tough day but someone had to do it. we did work a little bit, we took sports illustrated style photos on the waterfall. hey, we had to, come on. that's kate up there being silly.

it's wild how a day in the sun wears you out. on the way back home starr and i were extremely relaxed on the subway and i slept quite well. yes, i think i should spend my summer days this way in order to get a good nights sleep. it's all about my health really, it has nothing to do with the fact that it frigin rocks to just sit on my ass by the pool all day listening to birds singing and getting fresh whiffs of green grass and my mom's stellar garden.