Monday, June 20, 2005



kate's going to kill me for it but i had to post this pic from saturday night. she has boobs....good god the woman looks like she has boobs!!!! (she's so hot, that little sister of mine). saturday was crazy, i haven't had that much booze flowing through me in a long time. i didn't go to bed until the sun was on its way up and sunday was a total write off. worth it though. lots of beer and a shot of whiskey with the bartender...pretty sure that put me over the edge. things i recall that made me laugh (and will only make the people who were there and read this laugh so why the hell post it?):

* kate doing the limbo barefoot (those high heeled boots would have only hindered her performance)

* starr going up to the mic and attempting to sing

* the boys doing their hilarious songs

* starr winking and saying "hey there" to the hot cop

* beer getting poured down my one remembers why so i can not elaborate

* throwing up all day sunday, yeah, that was frigin hilarious!