Monday, June 20, 2005

i love you AJ!

the regular everyday sounds of queen west were shadowed by the screams and cheers of hundreds of girls. i found myself caught in a crowd which spilled into the street....the backstreet!

that's right babies, backstreet's back and the boys were at much music tonight. how excited was i you ask? how excited do you think i was? Mmmm, delicious, the backstreet boys right in front of my eyes, in the flesh. oh how i wanted to reach out to nick and touch his soft hand, how i longed for howie to give me a subtle wink, and how i wished upon a thousand and one wishes that lance bass would gaze upon me and instantly want me to be his lover......wait, he's n'sync...whatever, same thing.

seriously, it was madness. i tried to get passed the chaos of ultra excited 14 year old girls as fast as i humanly could. i remember being one of those girls when the new kids were the shit, only i wasn't dressed as skanky.