Tuesday, June 07, 2005

the government can eff off

good to know....are my dad & i the only ones who find this funny?

so i was supposed to be at a "because i'm collecting unemployment i have to sit in a room from 9:00-3:00 with a 1/2 hour lunch break listening to a painfully boring someone talk about how to find a job" government session today BUT.....someone jumped in front of a train or something and i got stuck on the subway. needless to say the strict gov't would not let me in if i was late SO i am currently NOT in said session. i hope they let me re-schedule, i did call them. lousy jumper, lousy government, beautiful day.

i'm addicted to a new singer and i've bought every song available on itunes, check out iron & wine. i first heard him on the garden state soundtrack.

okay, time to go out into the sunshine. since i'm not forced into a gov't holding area i should take full advantage of the sunny sky.