Sunday, June 26, 2005

the girls are free


hip hoorah there ain't no bra! i must say it's quite comfortable NOT to be wearing a bra in this heat. i bought this shirt today and it's the first ever that has looked okay with me hoisting my boobies up. i'm not entirely sure about it but that's probably just because i'm not used to it. i cut the tags out immediately so i wouldn't be able to return it. i always do that. i'll try something on in the store, think it's good enough to buy, then try it on again at home and decide i look stupid and take it back.

it is sweltering out there! i didn't even head over to my parents house at all his weekend to live in the pool. in all honesty i couldn't see myself on the subway to get over there. i do the subway 5 times a week, twice a day, i like a break every so often. at least i have air conditioning.