Saturday, June 18, 2005


it's shitty but we've sold our condo! i love this place, i don't want to leave it, i don't want someone else living here.

we put it on the market last thursday and by tuesday we had 2 agents battling it out for the glorious grand prize of this sweet ass place. it was a war, there was carnage. we ended up selling it firm that night for 6 thousand over asking price. so come august i will be out of here and probably living back with my parents for a while.

i love my parents and they are the absolute coolest BUT i'd rather have my own place. you know?

so kate and i have a date today, we're going to do a bit of shopping. for someone who doesn't particularly like shopping, i sure have been doing a lot of it lately (browsing anyway, haven't bought much). "the dale" has a whack of new stores so we're going to check them out and dammit....i will buy something! tonight we're off to support the hilarious boys of electric boogaloo ( starr's roomies) who are having a fundraiser to raise funds for the fringe fest which they will be performing at.