Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ban the bug!

well my run at the temp job is just about up. i was told today i'd be there for about 2 1/2 weeks more. i'm busy as all hell there but i like it. it's so much different than my last job, not as dull, my days actually fly by rather than drip by.

so what to do next? go back to school? i probably should, i don't want to be a frigin pee on receptionist the rest of my life.

wait a second, you know what's really disgusting? june bugs. goddammit i hate those nasty fuckers. they're so crunchy when you step on them, shit, they're crunchy when they fly into your window (stupid idiots). one just flew passed my window and i survived a near hit last night in my parents backyard. so i'm thinking it might be a june bug year and that makes me want to lock myself indoors with a bottle of tequila. i remember one year when i was little there was a really bad june bug infestation, there were so many swarming it looked blurry outside. i think that's why i have such a hate on for them, it was a gross site. i mean how sick is it that they stick to you? seriously, who do you have to sleep with to get them banned? i'll do it, i swear to god.