Sunday, June 26, 2005

the girls are free


hip hoorah there ain't no bra! i must say it's quite comfortable NOT to be wearing a bra in this heat. i bought this shirt today and it's the first ever that has looked okay with me hoisting my boobies up. i'm not entirely sure about it but that's probably just because i'm not used to it. i cut the tags out immediately so i wouldn't be able to return it. i always do that. i'll try something on in the store, think it's good enough to buy, then try it on again at home and decide i look stupid and take it back.

it is sweltering out there! i didn't even head over to my parents house at all his weekend to live in the pool. in all honesty i couldn't see myself on the subway to get over there. i do the subway 5 times a week, twice a day, i like a break every so often. at least i have air conditioning.

Friday, June 24, 2005


it's a damn good thing i'm going to the drinks show tonight because i need the sweet release that alcohol provides.

i'm exhausted though, i had the shittiest nights sleep. there was so much crap wandering through my head with loud shoes on that it kept waking me up. i'd lie there and think think think, then toss and turn. i need a kick in the head or something, anything to wake me the hell up. feels like it's going to be a long day, we'll see.

might have to go swimming this hot weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

this shit is bananas

i'm not quite sure if i like gwen's "hollaback girl", i hear it on the radio everyday at work and it might be growing on me. i also hear that new alicia key's song 42 times a day and it is NOT growing on me. shit goddamn, i hate that song!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ban the bug!

well my run at the temp job is just about up. i was told today i'd be there for about 2 1/2 weeks more. i'm busy as all hell there but i like it. it's so much different than my last job, not as dull, my days actually fly by rather than drip by.

so what to do next? go back to school? i probably should, i don't want to be a frigin pee on receptionist the rest of my life.

wait a second, you know what's really disgusting? june bugs. goddammit i hate those nasty fuckers. they're so crunchy when you step on them, shit, they're crunchy when they fly into your window (stupid idiots). one just flew passed my window and i survived a near hit last night in my parents backyard. so i'm thinking it might be a june bug year and that makes me want to lock myself indoors with a bottle of tequila. i remember one year when i was little there was a really bad june bug infestation, there were so many swarming it looked blurry outside. i think that's why i have such a hate on for them, it was a gross site. i mean how sick is it that they stick to you? seriously, who do you have to sleep with to get them banned? i'll do it, i swear to god.

Monday, June 20, 2005



kate's going to kill me for it but i had to post this pic from saturday night. she has boobs....good god the woman looks like she has boobs!!!! (she's so hot, that little sister of mine). saturday was crazy, i haven't had that much booze flowing through me in a long time. i didn't go to bed until the sun was on its way up and sunday was a total write off. worth it though. lots of beer and a shot of whiskey with the bartender...pretty sure that put me over the edge. things i recall that made me laugh (and will only make the people who were there and read this laugh so why the hell post it?):

* kate doing the limbo barefoot (those high heeled boots would have only hindered her performance)

* starr going up to the mic and attempting to sing

* the boys doing their hilarious songs

* starr winking and saying "hey there" to the hot cop

* beer getting poured down my one remembers why so i can not elaborate

* throwing up all day sunday, yeah, that was frigin hilarious!

i love you AJ!

the regular everyday sounds of queen west were shadowed by the screams and cheers of hundreds of girls. i found myself caught in a crowd which spilled into the street....the backstreet!

that's right babies, backstreet's back and the boys were at much music tonight. how excited was i you ask? how excited do you think i was? Mmmm, delicious, the backstreet boys right in front of my eyes, in the flesh. oh how i wanted to reach out to nick and touch his soft hand, how i longed for howie to give me a subtle wink, and how i wished upon a thousand and one wishes that lance bass would gaze upon me and instantly want me to be his lover......wait, he's n'sync...whatever, same thing.

seriously, it was madness. i tried to get passed the chaos of ultra excited 14 year old girls as fast as i humanly could. i remember being one of those girls when the new kids were the shit, only i wasn't dressed as skanky.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


it's shitty but we've sold our condo! i love this place, i don't want to leave it, i don't want someone else living here.

we put it on the market last thursday and by tuesday we had 2 agents battling it out for the glorious grand prize of this sweet ass place. it was a war, there was carnage. we ended up selling it firm that night for 6 thousand over asking price. so come august i will be out of here and probably living back with my parents for a while.

i love my parents and they are the absolute coolest BUT i'd rather have my own place. you know?

so kate and i have a date today, we're going to do a bit of shopping. for someone who doesn't particularly like shopping, i sure have been doing a lot of it lately (browsing anyway, haven't bought much). "the dale" has a whack of new stores so we're going to check them out and dammit....i will buy something! tonight we're off to support the hilarious boys of electric boogaloo ( starr's roomies) who are having a fundraiser to raise funds for the fringe fest which they will be performing at.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


last night i went to see my darlin' nikki ( no relation) who once again worked her magic on my hair. i look so different, shorter hair which feels great and more dramatic highlights. she said i needed a cream blush and that she had a great one in her bag. of course i loved how it looked so guess what i'll be buying today? she also had me try on a yummy sparkly gloss which i also adored, guess what else i'll be buying today?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

the government can eff off

good to know....are my dad & i the only ones who find this funny?

so i was supposed to be at a "because i'm collecting unemployment i have to sit in a room from 9:00-3:00 with a 1/2 hour lunch break listening to a painfully boring someone talk about how to find a job" government session today BUT.....someone jumped in front of a train or something and i got stuck on the subway. needless to say the strict gov't would not let me in if i was late SO i am currently NOT in said session. i hope they let me re-schedule, i did call them. lousy jumper, lousy government, beautiful day.

i'm addicted to a new singer and i've bought every song available on itunes, check out iron & wine. i first heard him on the garden state soundtrack.

okay, time to go out into the sunshine. since i'm not forced into a gov't holding area i should take full advantage of the sunny sky.

sunshine superwomen


how much sweeter could the weekend weather have been? the ladies lounged in and by the pool all day on sunday and it was glorious! of course there were cocktails and munchies and a cosmo mag to keep us entertained too.

my mom did a whole load of gardening and created a backyard oasis (my parents house is the BEST place to be in the's been dubbed 'Club Hutton'). we took a break mid afternoon and headed over to wal-mart so i could get a pair of the cute as hell shoes starr got there and mom could have a look at their garden center. no luck with the shoes but we did end up going a bit nuts in other departments. starr found some supremely cute knickers that we both had to have, i found a strawberry shortcake t-shirt with rhinestones on it (excuse me but how can a girl pass up rhinestones?), kate found a happy face volleyball for the dogs, mom had no luck with the plants but found a new sprinkler (whoot whoot), we grabbed some bbq provisions and starr & i HAD to have a box of drumsticks.

then it was back to the pool for more relaxing. yup, it was a pretty tough day but someone had to do it. we did work a little bit, we took sports illustrated style photos on the waterfall. hey, we had to, come on. that's kate up there being silly.

it's wild how a day in the sun wears you out. on the way back home starr and i were extremely relaxed on the subway and i slept quite well. yes, i think i should spend my summer days this way in order to get a good nights sleep. it's all about my health really, it has nothing to do with the fact that it frigin rocks to just sit on my ass by the pool all day listening to birds singing and getting fresh whiffs of green grass and my mom's stellar garden.