Monday, May 09, 2005

sunshine celebrities


i spent my friday night drinking a couple beers, watching a movie on IFC and making mother's day cards. i had the idea and whipped one up then i got addicted and wanted to make more. i always like to make my own cards for people but this was the first time i incorporated wire. there's 4 closer (albeit shitty) shots below:





have you ever been singing in the shower and at one point you really belt it out and convince yourself that you are, in fact, a good singer and think "shit, someone get me into a studio STAT so i can work on bringing home my much deserved Grammy"? yeah, me too. there's something about the acoustics of a shower eh? maybe i'm more ready for a 4 beers on board karaoke night than the Grammy's.

what a gorgeous day today, the sunny warm weather has driven people outside in droves. i went to a couple stores to see about selling my jewels and it was a marvelous walk. i saw a few people too, this guy who was in front of me in line at a variety store and i thought looked familiar. turns out i worked with him when i was a regular extra on the canadian soap opera 'Riverdale'. damn, that set almost became a second home. anyway, i also saw sarah polley chillin' on a little cafe patio and who was on another local patio? trent reznor! i would have shit if i were still in highschool, walked passed him, and had him look at me. i LOVED nine inch nails in highschool. alas, i was the more calm 28 year old me and there was no shitting.