Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the perfect meal before an early slumber

how's this for a healthy dinner? toast (a hearty multigrain bread) with peanut butter on it, a glass of red wine, then a klondike cone for dessert. i shared a big salad with a girl at my new (temp) job for lunch so it all balances, right?

it's that time so i 've got a killer sweet tooth yet not much of an appetite (what's the deal with that?). i've got prozac, midol, and red wine coursing through my system right now, do you suppose that's bad? maybe i'll sniff some glue too.

i feel a bit lame crawling into bed after i post this, there's still a hint of light outside and i swear i can hear children playing. it's been 2 months, i'm not used to having to get up early to the sounds of a shrieking alarm.....i'm tired. i can't wait to feel the glory of a weekend again, and it's a long weekend to boot. goodnight, lame-o is hitting the hay now.