Saturday, May 07, 2005

mid staircase she said "this is as far as i go"

i just finished watching 'the phantom of the opera' and besides the slightly puffy right eye which could have been taken care of with patience and a thin slice of cucumber, the main disfigurement i noticed was that he was a blonde under that mask rather than a brunette. not that being a brunette is disfiguring, i myself am a brunette. i just expected something a little more ghastly, you know? okay, watching his true love float away with another dude on HIS lake in HIS boat surrounded by the candles HE painstakenly set up to create a romantic ambience had to have stung in more ways than one. i feel for the phantom, i really do....i'm brunette. in the end though, where did he go? did he evaporate into the mysterious mist of his lair? it's left up to your imagination.....or the sequel, whichever comes first.

i really didn't mind the film, i know the story quite well because it was the first musical i had ever seen. i was a little kid and the magic of the theater took a hold of me and didn't let me go. i listened to the soundtrack over and over pretending i was christine. watching the film tonight i found myself remembering the words and, on occasion, found myself singing out loud (actually it was more like a slightly audible whisper). to this day i get shivers just before a play begins, shivers that make my eyes well up. it could be the happiest play ever written, a play about children living in a world filled with candy and kittens, and i'd still well up. it's the sense of fantasy, the belief in happy endings, a group of people bringing life and imagery to words on paper, i adore it!

great talent makes me cry, not blubbering snot running down my face tears, but happy and in awe of the beauty in front of me tears. when i find myself amazed at the prospect of someone coming up with such a fantastic story, or humanizing such a fantastic character, i get all weepy....happy tears. call me over emotional if you'd like, i won't take offence, i know i am.

and now this emotional girl is going to hit the hay and hopefully dream up something fantastical. something which will inspire her to throw paint onto a canvas or images onto film, something which will cease her speaking in the third person.