Thursday, May 26, 2005

from the comfort of your computer

a friend of mine added me to her list on a new friendster type site so i've just finished profiling myself. you are now cordially invited to join as well! i've never used one of these types of sites before.

no work for me today, well no office work anyway. i had an interview this morning so i took the whole day off. i am going to wash my bathtub though, this should be exciting. i just love being on my hands and knees.

Monday, May 23, 2005

a visit from oz

i never did rent this movie last night, i turned lazy and couldn't even fathom walking to the video store. so instead i bought one off of the t.v. it was pretty okay and topher grace is kind of cute.

i'm off to my parents house today to meet up with my dad who's in town from Australia for a couple of days before heading to Boston for business. i'm so lucky all my parents get along. the fact that my dad goes over to my mom & other dad's house to hang out is pretty dang cool!

anyway, not much of an entry really. why i even came in here to post is a mystery.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

my sad sad sunday night

how cool is it that i'm tipsy all by my lonesome off of a bottle of wine? hey man, it's all good right? a person is allowed to drink alone and blog about it occasionally right? does ocasionally have 2 "l's" in it?

anyway, i bought a new shower curtain today......okay, the government bought me a new shower curtain today (i knew there had to be perks to collecting unemployment) for $71.99. can you tell me how a shower curtain can cost $71.99? yeah, so i've had my eye on it for a while and since i have the gov't funding me for a bit i figured....."why the hell not?"

so here's a pic of my new $71.99 shower curtain

the curtain


i am in such a pissy mood right now, i just feel so angry and ticked off for some reason. i feel like i want to go out and destroy other peoples property, like i want to drag sharp objects across shiny cars that have just been washed. what the hell? i can't be the only one who feels like this sometimes, can i? it's not like i'm going to go out and do it or anything, i just feel like breaking something or destroying something beautiful will help me feel better.

i think instead of vandalizing something i'll rent a movie and drink a bottle of red wine. that sounds pretty good!

here's some photos i took of my sexy hot sister a couple years ago. i'm trying to get back into my photography which i pushed aside while i explored other arty/crafty domains. above all of my hobbies, i'm most happy with my photography i've discovered.





Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the perfect meal before an early slumber

how's this for a healthy dinner? toast (a hearty multigrain bread) with peanut butter on it, a glass of red wine, then a klondike cone for dessert. i shared a big salad with a girl at my new (temp) job for lunch so it all balances, right?

it's that time so i 've got a killer sweet tooth yet not much of an appetite (what's the deal with that?). i've got prozac, midol, and red wine coursing through my system right now, do you suppose that's bad? maybe i'll sniff some glue too.

i feel a bit lame crawling into bed after i post this, there's still a hint of light outside and i swear i can hear children playing. it's been 2 months, i'm not used to having to get up early to the sounds of a shrieking alarm.....i'm tired. i can't wait to feel the glory of a weekend again, and it's a long weekend to boot. goodnight, lame-o is hitting the hay now.

Friday, May 13, 2005

sexy unemployment


i scratched out her face so it would be easier to imagine her as myself. god how i wish i could be airbrushed just like her. i want that sexy little number up there, I want more sexy underthings, why do they have to be so expensive?

i'm so tired of job hunting today, my eyes are crossing. i think i should get off this computer, have a shower and maybe a little dance. i like to turn on the music nice and loud and just shake it, jump around, loosen up, you know? i did get a temporary gig at my dad's office starting monday. they need someone to answer phones until they can find a summer student to take over a maternity leave. i'll be there for a couple weeks at least so that'll be some cash in my pocket...or rather, in the banks pocket.

Thursday, May 12, 2005



my sister is so frigin hot, i swear to god! i've been going through the collection of digital pics on my computer and came across this one of kate during the film fest a couple years ago. she has the greatest bum ever! i know that sounds strange to say about my sister but you have to see her in a pair of tight jeans. i didn't get a bum, i got big boobs instead.

some other photos i came across are:

a hideous one of me in toys 'r' us (you can rest assured that i will NEVER have hair like that again)

colin farrell at the film fest

my parents dogs

kate and kevin on halloween one year*

me on halloween that same year**

wheelchair crossing

* kate made that costume
** my mom made mine

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

ich liebe es

i've been up since about 6:00 or so. i awoke to the crashing sounds of someone's garbage falling through the chute (our apartment is right beside the thing). i'm not positive but there's a chance they threw eleven and a half bodies down it, it was that loud and took that long to stop making noise. anyway, i couldn't get back to sleep so i got up. well, i went the washroom then climbed back into bed to watch some news.

suddenly my stomach began to rumble like mad and knowing there wasn't much to eat downstairs, started working out a plan. it was a toss up between Tim Hortons at Front & John St. OR McDonalds at Front & Bathurst St. well seen as how the McD's is way closer it won the toss. i left the house a little after 8:00 in a baseball hat to cover the un-showered hair and sunglasses to hide the puffy eyes (i felt like a celebrity incognito) and it was already so warm out...i was hot as hell in my long sleeves and sweater over top. it's going to be another sweet day!

i walked out of McD's with an egg mcmuffin and a hashbrown. by the time i got home (an under 10 min. walk) the bag was almost see through with grease. i haven't had McD's breakfast in so long and i don't know how they do it but fuck.....i want more! why is it so addictive? that egg mcmuffin was like a little bundle of heaven.

Monday, May 09, 2005

sunshine celebrities


i spent my friday night drinking a couple beers, watching a movie on IFC and making mother's day cards. i had the idea and whipped one up then i got addicted and wanted to make more. i always like to make my own cards for people but this was the first time i incorporated wire. there's 4 closer (albeit shitty) shots below:





have you ever been singing in the shower and at one point you really belt it out and convince yourself that you are, in fact, a good singer and think "shit, someone get me into a studio STAT so i can work on bringing home my much deserved Grammy"? yeah, me too. there's something about the acoustics of a shower eh? maybe i'm more ready for a 4 beers on board karaoke night than the Grammy's.

what a gorgeous day today, the sunny warm weather has driven people outside in droves. i went to a couple stores to see about selling my jewels and it was a marvelous walk. i saw a few people too, this guy who was in front of me in line at a variety store and i thought looked familiar. turns out i worked with him when i was a regular extra on the canadian soap opera 'Riverdale'. damn, that set almost became a second home. anyway, i also saw sarah polley chillin' on a little cafe patio and who was on another local patio? trent reznor! i would have shit if i were still in highschool, walked passed him, and had him look at me. i LOVED nine inch nails in highschool. alas, i was the more calm 28 year old me and there was no shitting.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

mid staircase she said "this is as far as i go"

i just finished watching 'the phantom of the opera' and besides the slightly puffy right eye which could have been taken care of with patience and a thin slice of cucumber, the main disfigurement i noticed was that he was a blonde under that mask rather than a brunette. not that being a brunette is disfiguring, i myself am a brunette. i just expected something a little more ghastly, you know? okay, watching his true love float away with another dude on HIS lake in HIS boat surrounded by the candles HE painstakenly set up to create a romantic ambience had to have stung in more ways than one. i feel for the phantom, i really do....i'm brunette. in the end though, where did he go? did he evaporate into the mysterious mist of his lair? it's left up to your imagination.....or the sequel, whichever comes first.

i really didn't mind the film, i know the story quite well because it was the first musical i had ever seen. i was a little kid and the magic of the theater took a hold of me and didn't let me go. i listened to the soundtrack over and over pretending i was christine. watching the film tonight i found myself remembering the words and, on occasion, found myself singing out loud (actually it was more like a slightly audible whisper). to this day i get shivers just before a play begins, shivers that make my eyes well up. it could be the happiest play ever written, a play about children living in a world filled with candy and kittens, and i'd still well up. it's the sense of fantasy, the belief in happy endings, a group of people bringing life and imagery to words on paper, i adore it!

great talent makes me cry, not blubbering snot running down my face tears, but happy and in awe of the beauty in front of me tears. when i find myself amazed at the prospect of someone coming up with such a fantastic story, or humanizing such a fantastic character, i get all weepy....happy tears. call me over emotional if you'd like, i won't take offence, i know i am.

and now this emotional girl is going to hit the hay and hopefully dream up something fantastical. something which will inspire her to throw paint onto a canvas or images onto film, something which will cease her speaking in the third person.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

whoring my wares


so i've been making these new bracelets out of liquid (sterling) silver, swarovski crystal, and semi-precious stones. i'm going to take them to a couple stores to see if they want to sell them. they better coz i could really use the cash!

they aren't in our store yet (big surprise eh, we haven't updated in ages) BUT if you like them and would like to buy one, email me (amandaATsibling-rivalryDOTca) or leave a comment below and i'll get back to you. i can custom make them in other colours too. $10 per strand! see more:

not the greatest pic, but it gives you an idea

a different angle

another shot of the orange one

what it looks like on (can you tell i favour the orange one? ignore my sasquatch arm)