Monday, April 04, 2005

SPF 15

self-portrait of the blogger as an unemployed lass

a few things as i sip (chug) my third beer of the evening. i was so bored the other day i took a series of self-portraits during a break from the job search (which is going fantastically unwell).

me again
who could this be?
and again
guess who?

okay, onto more serious areas of discussion. my stellar sister, emily kate mckelvey, bought me the scissor sisters CD on saturday and it is kicking my ass! i frigin love it to bits. i want to strap on a pair of old school rollerskates and funk up a roller rink with ass shakin' when i listen to it.

another thing, i'm boarding a plane on wednesday morning with my mom.....we're going to florida for a week. i swear to god, i have the best parents EVER! all 4 of them are the raddest people you could ever meet. my mom said i needed to get away from all the crud in my life so she bought me a ticket to florida. we're going to stay with my grandparents (who are also frigin ace rad) and we're going to lie by the pool, drink cocktails, shop, strut our sexy selves on the beach, and do the traditional john's pass (i can't believe there's a website, i have no idea why, but I didn't expect there to be one) souvenir shopping. if you know me expect something tacky, i love you!

okay so, goodnight. i'll post from FLA. if i'm not too busy cooking myself in the hot hot sun.