Thursday, April 28, 2005

rained on popper

i'm soaked! i was walking home from my doctors appointment* without an umbrella and the rain just started crashing down with avengence. i was on my way home so it didn't really matter how wet i got, sometimes i like to walk in the rain. there were issues at play however and those issues were:

a) the lightweight beige pants i was wearing
b) the hot pink knickers underneath said beige pants

the rain was hitting me at such an angle that the front of me took the major hit while my back was left pretty much alone. this is a GOOD THING because as i realized, when i looked down to make sure the hot pinks weren't showing through, the rather extensive lining in the front pockets (floral in pattern) was covering any area undies would be. the same lining is not as extensive in the back pockets so you see why that angled rain was good. i kept touching my bum just to make sure i was still dry.

a van pulled up to me and the woman in the passenger seat offered me an umbrella. how amazing is that? just when you think the world is full of shits a total stranger pulls over to offer you something of theirs that they'll most likely never get back. i was close enough to home that i didn't take it but made sure to tell them how awesome they were for offering.

so now i'm home with one of these nasty pounding headaches i seem to be getting lately. i think i'll pop a movie on and get cozy as i dry out.

* i'm now a prozac popper. it took me a long time to decide if i should go on it or not, i felt (and still feel) like it makes me a failure. my doctor told me not to think like that, that in no way does it make me weaker. i think it's going to make me more depressed as i won't be able to drink as much as i used to....mamma likes her booze! see, i have to use humour to get over the negative feelings this whole thing is giving me. chin up!