Sunday, April 24, 2005

oh yeah, that party!

i never did post anything about the pimp & ho party i went to last saturday. well, it started off with the most bitter cab driver delivering us to said party ("back in germany people drove me around but i fucked up my life and now i drive you around"....thanks disgruntled cabbie, someone needs a hug) taking to the streets of toronto as if he were careening along the autobahn. the guy actually said to me, as i was climbing out of the car, "nice panties!" dude, a little tact please (seriously, there was no way he saw my panties.....damn i hate that word "panties").

the party was pretty fun and the pimps and ho's were out in full swing! i won a prize for being spanked with a whip and was told by a boy "this night is all about THAT dress!". so my $5 sparklefest was a hit, hoorah!

tonight i was told by kevin that all his friends were coming up to him asking "how much for that one?" can i just say that this ho is pretty touched that all the pimps wanted to get with her, a lone tear falls.

i was also told by kate that she was looking at the photos of my stunning outfit (below) at work and a few of her co-workers (of the male kind) said "who's that?" to which kate replied in all honesty "my sister" to which they in turn came back with "she's pretty hot isn't she?" one co-worker in particular said "she's had her boobs done eh?" to which kate defended my honour with "no, those are real". goddess bless the push up bra....not that i want my boobies any bigger than they are but for nights such as pimp and ho extravaganzas, i want em' big bigger biggest!

phew, what an ego trip. one needs that every so often, am i right or am i right ladies? i'm not really an ego maniac but i'm not going to lie when i say i like that people think i'm worth good cash for a sweet shag!