Thursday, April 14, 2005

home (sweet?) home


i flew in from florida last night and boy are my arms tired!

it was a nice relaxing trip, just what i needed....well that and the numerous margaritas i downed. i thought i still looked a wee bit on the ghostly side but a few people have said "wow, nice tan" to me so i guess i'm not as pale as i thought. that pic up there is the view from the stairs by the pool, pretty nice, pretty shark infested i hear too. mom & i had a dolphin show yesterday, our last day there, it's like they knew. we sat on a bench and watched them playing in the current, it was very peaceful.

i was remembering something i did to my sister when we were little kids (we spent every summer at my grandparents). you know in the deep end of pools there's that grate? well i told my sister that sharks lived in it and from then on any time she jumped off the diving board she would jump to the side. the thing is, it backfired. i too began to believe there were sharks living in it and to this day, swear to god, at 28 years old, i still hate swimming over those things. that is slightly embarrassing to admit but what can i say, my overactive imagination is both a curse and a delight.