Friday, April 15, 2005




look at me all glamoured up for my new job, i start tonight! i'm a little nervous since i've never hooked before, i've never sold myself for money but hey, my severance runs out soon and i need the cash. steve, my pimp, wants me to meet him at the Golden Griddle around 10:00pm to go over details. it seems so funny to have a meeting about this sort of thing but business is business no matter what line of work you're in i guess. i'm wondering if i should have started with stripping first, that way i wouldn't have to do anything more than dance. where's the money, stripping or hooking? you don't get many tips hooking.....shit, i wonder if it's too late to switch.

in all seriousness i'm hitting a party tomorrow night to help support breast cancer research and i was trying on my sexy getup. it's a pimp & ho shindig, i'm such a sucker for costume parties. i found that dress for $5 while i was in florida, it was the only one, in my size, and on the clearance rack at t.j. max. it's like it was a gift from hooker heaven. originally i had planned on wearing my corset with a mini skirt but as soon as i saw that sparkly sequined gem i was swayed. i think i'll change the red fishnets to black (on advice from my mom who thinks red would be all's great to have a mom who supports slutty costume attire). so tomorrow i'm going to head out with my sweety sister kate to help her find an outfit. she's not sure if she's going to go as a ho or a pimp, i guess it depends on what we find.

hopefully i remember to pick up a disposable camera so i can share the beauty of the slutted up evening with you gorgeous people. no rushing around for me tomorrow, the only thing i have to do is paint my nails hussy red and apply my gold eyeshadow. my kick ass hairdresser, nikki, who all toronto girls should be going to suggested the gold along with big hair (check her out, she works at john steinberg & associates, you won't regret it, she is SO much fun and SO good at what she does....not to mention cute as hell. i spent 2 hours there the other day as she highlighted my locks and we talked about revenge on boys). anyway, it should be a fun night and if you're in toronto and you don't have plans for saturday night i think you should come to the swallow lounge in full on whore (or pimp) attire and support a great charity. hope to see you there, you know what i'll look like....say hiya!

that dress partnered with that push up bra certainly gives me some good boobie action. down to business now. would you pay to sleep with me if i approached your car looking like the stunning piece of ass pictured above? you know you want it!