Saturday, April 09, 2005


here i am, my 3rd full day in florida and i've got a slight sunburn and a glorious margarita buzz. my tan lines are developing nicely and my skin has the constant scent of coconut oil, i quite like it.

tomorrow looks like an all natural pedicure day. mom & i are planning on a gorgeously long beach walk (i'll only go ankle deep in the ocean though since i'm convinced there's sharks just waiting for me to go full body). i plan on getting more burn on top of the burn i have now which will eventually turn into a smashing tan that will be the envy of all my pasty white friends back in Toronto.

we went to target the other day where i bought some lazy pants, a new bikini (which has provided me with the above mentioned tan lines), and some snazzy earrings. i'm looking forward to the kitchy shopping day at john's pass where i'll be able to buy sea shell magnets with googly eyes and cans of sunshine.....maybe a pickled shark in a jar or two, who knows. one thing i know i'll be buying is fudge, damn straight. i hope the witchcraft store is still there, i always loved going to that store to pick up some magik candles etc.

anyway, i'm off. the all day sun has made me drowsy and i should go visit with my granpdparents. my burn is itchy.