Tuesday, March 01, 2005

smellin' like lopez

it has bling

i think you all know where this is going. yes, i recently purchased a bottle of JLo's perfume "Glow". i'm not even a perfume wearer, i'm more of an oils kind of girl. i love the smell of it though, starr's friend dianne wears it and it reminds me so much of an oil i bought in Salem, MA. a few years ago (and have since lost).

i dropped a good chunk of cash down for that 50ml bottle of smell but i don't care. kate & kevin urged me to do it as we were drowning in clouds of yves st. laurent, jean paul gaultier, chanel, etc. (is there anything worse than the perfume section of a department store?) they said "treat yourself, your birthday is on wednesday." so i did, i can wear it when i wear my JLo bra. that's right, i own JLo knickers too. looks like i'm all about the lopez, my secret is out. i find myself liking this and okay, i could see myself shakin' it to her new song (the title eludes me but it's the one where she plays everyone in the video).

what do you suppose it means? am i in fact an in the closet JLo fan? nah, i just happened to come across a red bra i liked and it just happened to be JLo brand. i just happened to like the smell of a perfume someone was wearing and it happened to be JLo brand. i just happened to find myself moving when i heard a song on the radio and it just happened to be JLo brand.

so tomorrow is my 28th birthday and i'm unemployed. in an odd way it's a lot better than being in that office for another b-day. last year i said to myself "you're 27 today and you are still here. what are you doing?" now i'm out and to celebrate the day of my birth i'm going to a doctors appointment. hoorah, what a grand way to do it. maybe i'll take a limo there!