Sunday, March 13, 2005

letting the wine talk

...hold on, i need a third glass...............

okay, here we go. i'm sure i've said it before but i wish my life could always feel like a glass of red wine. true, i'm currently on my third and the feeling of 3 is a lot closer to drunk but, one glass seems to feel like red optimism. after one glass i'm still very aware of what's going on and there's no way i'd go home with a strange guy who claims he's related to _____________ (insert gorgeous actor's name here). one glass just makes me feel good, makes me feel positive about the bullshit going on in my life right now (please refrain from suggesting a great AA group you know about).

the song 'the blowers daughter' by damian rice (from the movie 'closer') has me in a state of "i would fuckin' KILL for someone to write those lyrics ("I can't keep my eyes off of you") about me.