Wednesday, February 16, 2005

mom & dad taught me to share

last rainy night as i walked along King st. after class, i passed by a bus shelter that had a tall boy in it. as i crossed in front of it he stepped out under my umbrella and looked into the road for the streetcar. he laughed and said "thought i'd take advantage of a little umbrella as it passed". he later caught up with me (and the 2 guys from my class i was walking with) while crossing the street. he looked at me and said "gee, i really wish i brought MY umbrella tonight", so i offered him what little space i had left underneath it.

with him being so tall, my arm was extended at full length to keep it from resting on his head. he offered to hold it, i accepted. he reminded me so much of jeremy sisto. of course being a boy he had to poke fun at my umbrella, i must say it did look a lot smaller in his hand.....more like a parasol. he was heading to a friends place to crash on the couch but declared he'd much rather go home with me. awwww.