Friday, February 11, 2005



is it wrong to have a couple of beers drifting through my bloodstream making work a little more tolerable? it's friday afternoon, so a few of us went out for an extended lunch. shit, i deserve it! i've got some cafe del mar spinning now and i'm feeling pretty decent. my last day in this joint is approaching soon (feb. 25th) and the loyalty is fading fast. in a couple of weeks i will be sitting in front of a computer all day looking for a job and i'm sure i'll be pretty bored. what the shit though, i haven't NOT been working in so long it could feel good to have a break. as long as i find something before the severance runs dry.

look at that picture of me up there, geez, you can tell i've got the booze in me! my eyes look glassy (not glasses glassy, look beyond the specs and into my actual eyes. give that chick another drink for crying out loud!). look at the raised eyebrow, as if i'm coyly challenging them. that's right, i took a 2 hour lunch and i drank.....alcohol.

allow me to pose this question to you and allow yourself to comment on it. it's for my screenplay. if you found out you had 6 months to live, what would you most like to do before you died? it doesn't have to be huge like travel south america via bicycle, it can be be as simple as paint your toenails on the beach. whatever it is, help me out, i need some ideas of what people would do.