Friday, February 18, 2005

"disturbing the peace" OR "how amanda was a bitch!"

i don't know what came over me, usually i would comply. maybe it's because i have cramps, maybe it's because i'm tired of being the "nice" person (who gets walked on) trying to make everyone else happy. i know what i was doing can be annoying to other people but you know what, if you're in a public space you're going to have to deal with things you don't like.

so i'm sitting there on the subway minding my own, listening to music. a lady gets on and sits next to me. as we're rolling along i notice from the corner of my eye that she keeps looking at me. we keep rolling. then the tap on my arm comes, i pause my music.

lady: (in a nasty tone) "do you mind? you're music is really loud"
me: (starting to explain myself) "it's the headphones they're....."
lady: (cutting me off) "well, it's BLARING me in the ears"
me: (realizing i don't have to explain myself to her)"it's a public place"
lady: "well it's very loud, this isn't you're living room"
me: "it's not you're living room either!"
lady: "it's very annoying"
me: "then move!"
lady: "turn it off!"
me: "i'm not turning it off" (back on it went)

she sat there dramatically with her finger in her ear for the better part of our ride together. good, i'm glad i pissed someone off. i've got enough bullshit in my life right now, i don't need hers. maybe if she had started out asking me in a decent tone i would have helped her out, but she started as a bitch so she got bitch back.

incidentally when i transfered trains i was curious to see just how loud it would be to an ugly old bitch. so i took off my headphones and held them the approx. distance they would be from my ears to hers. BLARING her in the ears might have been a tad extreme. yes, you could hear a faint tune but combined with the sound of a subway ripping through tunnels, there wasn't too much to get worked up over. i was probably in the wrong but you know what? screw it! i'm pissed off and escaping into my own world via "loud" music is a lot better than getting on that train with a shotgun*.

*i would never get on the train with a shotgun, don't worry. they're far to big and difficult to conceal**.

**now i'm going to be tracked down and arrested because i appear to be a threat to society. hope they let me listen to music.