Friday, February 25, 2005

goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

so here it is, my last day at work. i can't tell you how many times i've dreamed of typing those words in my journal. it still hasn't really soaked in yet but i'm sure sunday night will be quite nice as my head will no longer be corrupt with "shit, i don't want to work tomorrow".

i will NOT have to rise to the sound of an alarm. that'll be nice for a bit but then the fear will kick in (it's there already but it's not as strong as it will be in a couple of weeks when i'm sitting on my ass bored as piss and all i'll have to think about is the fact that my severance is drying up as the days go by). hopefully the next place i work at will have younger people i can hang out with. they finally hired a person my age here who i get along great with (our friday liquid lunches are awesome) but oh well, timing has never been a good friend of mine.

i don't have much to do today so i'm spending my time on the internet and MSN chatting with kate. that's right, i've finally joined the league of MSN messengers. if anyone wants to chat me up and keep me entertained while i'm job searching my email address is:

well, i'm off to enjoy my last liquid lunch with a few of the cool people who don't mind coming back to work tipsy.

Monday, February 21, 2005


i'm not sure i want any more junk food for quite some time. i had my fill this weekend.

on saturday starr came over for blender drinks (strawberry daiquiris) and my mom's killer brownies. we stayed up late doing the typical girly things: laughing so hard it hurts and talking about boys (namely, her crush!). then on sunday we lounged in our p.j's until noon watching a horribly bad movie on the drive in channel. we finally got dressed and went to pick up dianne from the subway. the three of us curled up on the couch with a wide assortment of junk food (chips, dip, chocolate, pizza, pop, you name it baby) in front of us and watched our buddy jamie foxx in 'Ray'.

it was great, a real lazy girl weekend! you have to do that every so often, just veg right out.

Friday, February 18, 2005

"disturbing the peace" OR "how amanda was a bitch!"

i don't know what came over me, usually i would comply. maybe it's because i have cramps, maybe it's because i'm tired of being the "nice" person (who gets walked on) trying to make everyone else happy. i know what i was doing can be annoying to other people but you know what, if you're in a public space you're going to have to deal with things you don't like.

so i'm sitting there on the subway minding my own, listening to music. a lady gets on and sits next to me. as we're rolling along i notice from the corner of my eye that she keeps looking at me. we keep rolling. then the tap on my arm comes, i pause my music.

lady: (in a nasty tone) "do you mind? you're music is really loud"
me: (starting to explain myself) "it's the headphones they're....."
lady: (cutting me off) "well, it's BLARING me in the ears"
me: (realizing i don't have to explain myself to her)"it's a public place"
lady: "well it's very loud, this isn't you're living room"
me: "it's not you're living room either!"
lady: "it's very annoying"
me: "then move!"
lady: "turn it off!"
me: "i'm not turning it off" (back on it went)

she sat there dramatically with her finger in her ear for the better part of our ride together. good, i'm glad i pissed someone off. i've got enough bullshit in my life right now, i don't need hers. maybe if she had started out asking me in a decent tone i would have helped her out, but she started as a bitch so she got bitch back.

incidentally when i transfered trains i was curious to see just how loud it would be to an ugly old bitch. so i took off my headphones and held them the approx. distance they would be from my ears to hers. BLARING her in the ears might have been a tad extreme. yes, you could hear a faint tune but combined with the sound of a subway ripping through tunnels, there wasn't too much to get worked up over. i was probably in the wrong but you know what? screw it! i'm pissed off and escaping into my own world via "loud" music is a lot better than getting on that train with a shotgun*.

*i would never get on the train with a shotgun, don't worry. they're far to big and difficult to conceal**.

**now i'm going to be tracked down and arrested because i appear to be a threat to society. hope they let me listen to music.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

mom & dad taught me to share

last rainy night as i walked along King st. after class, i passed by a bus shelter that had a tall boy in it. as i crossed in front of it he stepped out under my umbrella and looked into the road for the streetcar. he laughed and said "thought i'd take advantage of a little umbrella as it passed". he later caught up with me (and the 2 guys from my class i was walking with) while crossing the street. he looked at me and said "gee, i really wish i brought MY umbrella tonight", so i offered him what little space i had left underneath it.

with him being so tall, my arm was extended at full length to keep it from resting on his head. he offered to hold it, i accepted. he reminded me so much of jeremy sisto. of course being a boy he had to poke fun at my umbrella, i must say it did look a lot smaller in his hand.....more like a parasol. he was heading to a friends place to crash on the couch but declared he'd much rather go home with me. awwww.

Monday, February 14, 2005

just set me on fire

aw shucks, i don't know how to thank the universe enough for such a crap ass day. it's one of "those" days, the famous days that dish constant poo. i just got back to my desk to find the phone panel flashing some crazy shit at me, all these things were blinking and there was water everywhere. some bum tossed a couple courier packages onto my desk which landed on the phone AND my glass of water. not that i care too much that all this paperwork drowned since i'm out of here next week but's one thing after the other today.


why is it so easy to remember the bad and let the good fall by the wayside? why is it that when you're sick it's hard to remember what it feels like NOT to be sick? or when you've been unhappy for a while, you have a hard time imagining what happiness feels like?

Friday, February 11, 2005



is it wrong to have a couple of beers drifting through my bloodstream making work a little more tolerable? it's friday afternoon, so a few of us went out for an extended lunch. shit, i deserve it! i've got some cafe del mar spinning now and i'm feeling pretty decent. my last day in this joint is approaching soon (feb. 25th) and the loyalty is fading fast. in a couple of weeks i will be sitting in front of a computer all day looking for a job and i'm sure i'll be pretty bored. what the shit though, i haven't NOT been working in so long it could feel good to have a break. as long as i find something before the severance runs dry.

look at that picture of me up there, geez, you can tell i've got the booze in me! my eyes look glassy (not glasses glassy, look beyond the specs and into my actual eyes. give that chick another drink for crying out loud!). look at the raised eyebrow, as if i'm coyly challenging them. that's right, i took a 2 hour lunch and i drank.....alcohol.

allow me to pose this question to you and allow yourself to comment on it. it's for my screenplay. if you found out you had 6 months to live, what would you most like to do before you died? it doesn't have to be huge like travel south america via bicycle, it can be be as simple as paint your toenails on the beach. whatever it is, help me out, i need some ideas of what people would do.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

What's In a Name?

Hello everybody. This is Kate. Amanda's sister. I have a little something to get off my chest.

Is anybody else sick of big corporations buying properties and changing the names? Am I really going to switch my internet provider because the SkyDome is now the "Rogers Centre"? I don't think so. What's next? The "Shopper's Drug Mart Tower"?