Wednesday, January 19, 2005

i'd like to thank the academy

a while ago i thought i'd sign up for a screenplay course to give me something creative to do with my time (like i didn't have enough with my jewellery, painting, photography, silkscreening etc.). I've always thought about it and since all of this shit started happening to me i figured it was a good time to get out there and challenge myself.

my first class was last night and we got our first assignment, to write down the premise of our film. sounds easy right? come up with an idea for a movie and ta-da, there's your premise. wrong. the entire film has to be summed up in one sentence. i had a couple of ideas going in there but both were ensemble type pieces and we were told to avoid those as our first scripts as they are very hard to write. damn it. now i have to come up with a new idea and write the premise by next tuesday night.

the premise, one sentence, has to have the 3 main elements to screenwriting:

a defined protagonist
visible motivation (a goal)
actions to be taken

plus it has to be fresh, clear, visual,practical, have emotional relevance, and have potential for conflict. maybe that still sounds easy (and obvious...of course you need those things to make a good film) but to jam it all into one sentence....yikes! i guess when you're trying to pitch it you have to win the potential buyer pretty quick. i have a rough idea of something but it isn't grabbing me yelling "this is the one amanda, this is your film" so i'll wait. i'll relax, i'll listen to and observe people around me (i do that anyway but now i'll take notes), i'll open my mind and let something pop in.