Thursday, October 21, 2004

a personal history


i just got an email from kate in which she let me in on a little quirk i had when i was wee. i do not remember this AT ALL and i have changed since those days, i no longer have the same attachment. here it is (she also provided the little cartoon above):

i learned something quite hilarious about you last night.

apparently you had a real problem letting your poopies go. you wanted to
keep them. you would even go to such lengths as hiding in a corner and
pooping your diaper. if you did let them go you had to wave good-bye and say
"bye-bye poopies".

you are a fine piece of work.


you want to know the real me? it might not be pretty, there are some things that i'm ashamed of. i'm not as passive and friendly as i may appear in my journal. I've got dark secrets in my past but if i can't let them out here, in my journal, where else can i do it?

* i choreographed dances to Laura Branigan's 'Gloria'.

* i rubbed kate's toothbrush along a bar of soap so she would get a suprise flavour intermixed with the mint.

* i licked icing off of a steak knife (tongues bleed a lot when forced to do so).

* i dragged kate through dog pee so i wouldn't have to clean it up.

* i ate lego.

* i threw toys at kate while she was sleeping (she'd awake surrounded by an army of happy meal collectables).

* i'd steal "cool" erasers from my classmates desks (if it was shaped like grapes or some other fun wild thing, i had to have it).

* in grade 3 i married andrew, a boy i had a crush on. it ended in a messy divorce and a custody battle over who got to keep the comet ball.

* i wrapped the dog up in tuba-ruba and took pictures.

* i squeezed a hot pepper into kate's eye.

* i ate the chocolates out of kate's advent calender then closed the little doors back up so she'd still think there was a sweet suprise underneath.

* i stole my friends fruit roll up out of her lunch and ate it in secret by the jungle gym.

yeah, so now you know.