Tuesday, October 05, 2004

a little psycho myself...

before i got in the shower this morning i put the t.v. on to check the weather. they went into a bit about the death of janet leigh. what could have come next? you got it, the shower scene from 'Psycho'. just what i needed before i got into a shower of my own...alone in the house.

it's just like when i was a kid visiting my grandparents in florida. we'd often go out on my grandpa's boat or get invited aboard a friends boat. it never failed that just as i was getting ready, packing my little bag full of friendship bracelet materials and colouring supplies, an ad for 'Jaws' would come on the t.v. i was leary as i strecthed my leg across the dock onto the boat, eyeing the crack of ocean beneath me. i imagined (i have always had an overactive imagination) tons of sharks swimming under the boat, just waiting for me to fall overboard. one time a friend of my grandpa's, Herbie (a little german guy who had the darkest tan and would always wear a belt above his bathing suit, around his ribcage area), invited us out on his rubber dingy to go over to "bird island". the island wasn't far at all so it wasn't going to be a long ride. i got in, we rounded the corner heading out of the lagoon where the boats docked, and we hit more open waters. i freaked out! we were way too close to the water for my liking, i could feel the water rushing under my bum as we buzzed over the wake of larger boats. i'm sure there were tears. my sister, always the braver one, lost out on that trip to the island because Jaws was coming for me.