Saturday, October 09, 2004

it ain't no tofurkey, this bastards got organs


kate and i have begun with the preparations for our feast. she made a mouth watering raspberry clafouti (above) for her and i for dessert. the boys can have their pumpkin pie, we don't like it. the turkey is going in the oven around 1:30 (it's not a big sonofabitch since only 2 people are eating it) and most of the prep work is done. cranberry sauce is made, stuffing is made, potatoes are soaking in their cold bath, we're looking pretty good.

one of the stipulations we had when we agreed, as vegetarians, to cook this dinner was that one of the guys had to reach into the bird and pull the goods out then stuff it back up with the yummy (if i do say so myself) stuffing i made. damian was grossed out by idea so it all rests on kevin's shoulders, what a good kid.

even after last weekends wine binge that left me hurting for the next 2 days, i believe i'll be indulging tonight. i no longer get instant nausea when i think of a glass of red, i no longer get the spins and a sour taste in my mouth when i think of a glass of white. yes, i think i'm cured.

more on the dinner as it progresses.

p.s. damian and i splurged with some money we came into and purchased, just the other day, a digital video camera. i'm so jazzed to get into editing and all that shit. if we can figure it out, you might just see some video up here sometime.