Thursday, October 14, 2004

the devil's footwear

i'm at home today with a raging case of blisters. i wore a pair of brand new pointy high heels yesterday and i'm paying for it. i wore them once before but i didn't walk home from the subway in them.

i stopped off at starr's work on my way home to drop off a quote to her boss (they want me to silk screen some shirts for the security guys). from there i sauntered home. with each set of clicks my heels made against the pavement, the pain grew. i made it to wellington street, so close to home, and that's when the thought "just take them off, walk barefoot" came into my head. i couldn't take it any longer, but was i really ready to shed my shoes? ready to place my delicate skin on naked city sidewalks? no, i wasn't. i pressed on, i held the wincing pain inside and kept a cool, composed expression on my face. an expression that read "i am a woman in heels, i can handle this, they're like clouds upon my feet".

when i finally reached my building and my mailbox inside of it, the shoes came off. it was like a cartoon, big red feet which you could hear pulsating like a heartbeat. i painfully walked to the elevator, stood tiptoe on it's filthy floors, sighed with relief when the door opened and i stepped out onto carpet, walked in my front door, and tossed the shoes yelling "devils!"

now here i sit, missing a day of work because i can not get a pair of shoes on my feet. i take it as a blessing though, now i have all day to work on jewellery (coz face it, christmas IS coming and we gotta be stocked). between jewels i might just get my oil paints out and mess around in puddles of colour. i do wish i could get shoes on so i could run out to my bead supplier and grab a spiced cider or a chai but shit, if i could get shoes on i'd be at work and none of that would matter anyway.