Sunday, October 03, 2004

can you feel the eroticism?


so, that's my best friend and my husband rockin' each other....starr sure loves her Stoli. it's true, we've been stolen by "the drink" and sadly i'm posting in my journal. tonight was supposed to be filled with friends but damian came across an illness he couldn't resist which provided him with a sore throat and a craving for Dayquil. Starr came over, just Starr, for some wine and whatever came of the evening. it would seem a common cold has nothing against alcohol and carbonated soda, damian seems his regular self. Starr and i have been dancing our asses off to the likes of Duran Duran and god knows what. we've planned a karaoke night for the weekend after next with a slew of people, we've made drunken calls, people accepted, they want their 15 minutes.

for some reason i thought a post would be good right now. spelling errors should be accepted.

*end note* i'm totally fine with starr and damian in the above incriminating photo which i will save for any future lawsuits.