Thursday, September 02, 2004

you had me at "skiddily doo bop"

i've got toronto's jazz station on right now, i love me some jazz! my dad once asked if i liked jazz music, i said "hell yeah, love it, why?" he said that when my mom was pregnant with me they went to a jazz club and i was rockin' out like mad, kicking the shit out of my mom.

some of the jazz on here is kind of cheese, like, i can do without the velvet fog scatting away like it's the only way he can get a good breath of air. there was this song on before Mel that sounded like it should have been in some 80's made for t.v. movie that took place in space, it had laser sounds and everything. it was like love scene in a spaceship music. there's Connie Selleca looking all sad and vulnerable when who should come into her quarters fresh out of the shower, Scott Bakula. he's got a towel wrapped around his waist and there's still water dripping down his chest. Connie's character can't hold back her burning desire for him anymore, he can see that in her eyes. he rushes over to her grabbing her passionately, they fall onto a nearby table kissing feverishly to laser jazz music.

i think they're in the middle of the cheese set list because i seriously just heard these lyrics:

"like a guy on a desert isle would love the smile on you, like a gangster loves to put in the screws, like a crocodile loves to grin and grovel in his ooze. that's how i love the blues"