Friday, September 03, 2004

until we meet again


this is my horror, or rather, desk, at work. i will be saying goodbye to her for a while, no, not because i got a spine and a huge set of balls and finally quit, but because one of my co-workers did it before me and now i have to do her job. i will be moving over to her desk next week but today i will be at a makeshift desk while someone sits here and learns the phone ropes.

i'm told this is only going to be for a couple of weeks and then i can return to the magnificent glory which is the photo above. i'm doing it until they hire someone new. it's a thankless job with nothing in it for me except the soothing sounds of the guy who coughs up lung butter a couple offices over. anyway, i'll try to be strong. i'll think of that poster of the kitten hanging from a tree branch.

there's a lot of change going on around me lately and i'm dying to hop on the bandwagon.

so how about a tour of my desk then?

to the left you'll see the source of my headaches and violent thoughts...the telephone. beside that to the right you'll see my escapist devices....... sabrina's new book and the Garden State soundtrack. up there on the plant basket, that's George and Brad. kate made it as a card for our mom and thought i needed a copy to watch over me. on top of my computer you can see a plethora of "stuff". there's a foamy pumpkin that i squeeze when people are prick shit assholes to me on the phone (it gets squeezed A LOT!), a husky stuffed toy, a stuffed kangaroo we brought back from australia, keri's daring dice, a little ghost that damian bought me because i fuckin' LOVE halloween, a plastic flower that came out of a cupcake (because i'm a pack-rat dammit), and finally a foamy just for laughs devil that gets the shite squeezed out of him just as mush as old pumpkin does.

oh my god that's so boring.