Wednesday, September 22, 2004

it cometh to an end


so the film fest is over, i weep. i love the fest, every night for a week i can escape into someone elses imagination and that fuckin' rocks! anyway, we saw a few good films and we saw a few shite ones too. here's my thoughts on each one:

'In My Father's Den' - excellent film! it made me cry. filmed in New Zealand, it had the most beautiful scenery.

'The Machinist' - dark. christian bale was wicked awesome in it. i now have a goal weight....holy shit, now that's skinny!

'Noel' - it was okay. we picked it because it was set at christmas time. too much godly talk i think.

'Wilby Wonderful' - ummmm, not that great. every canadian actor except don mckellar (who was in the audience) and sarah polley starred in it. i couldn't get into the characters, though callum keith rennie was good.

'Millions' - the best, my fave from this years fest!!!!! directed by danny boyle and stars the most adorable little boy in one of the lead roles. i don't know how you get kids to act that well but damn. we all gave them a standing ovation when it was over and just kept clapping as they left the theater. no one rushed them to get autographs(this is what typically happens after a film ends), it was the most touching had to be there i guess.

'The Libertine' - "excuse me, but would anyone mind if i slit my wrists with this gum wrapper?" BORING!!! i think i died a little. at least we got free beers (pictured above) while waiting in the VIP room before being let into the theater.

'Trauma' - colin firth was there..*yum*. this film was dark and i loved seeing colin in a dark role. creepy bits involving people under sheets shaking at a very fast speed, i know that makes no sense really but *shudder*.

'Primer' - a time travel film so it was confusing. i liked it though, it kept me thinking, trying to figure it all out. we talked to the director (also the writer and one of the stars so if anyone could clear something up for us, it had to be him) afterwards which sort of helped clear some stuff up. nice guy.

'Saw' - this should be in theaters soon, next month i think. one of the victims shared a name with me (you know how it's cool to hear your name in a movie? is that just me?) well, it wasn't cool hearing my name spoken by some freaky clown looking puppet guy on a rusty tricycle.