Monday, September 06, 2004


rockin' my painting scrubs and a doo-rag

starr's new roommates (that's right, she's moving out...*weep*) are actors and 2 of them are in a sketch comedy troupe. i've been commissioned to make a TON of shirts for them for 2 shows they have tomorrow night and wednesday night at the U of T. pheww, lots of work baby. our living room/dining room as become my studio....oh, and i've got a little piece of kitchen counter too. i'm all over the place and covered in ink. look at our balcony


damian made me a clothes line, what a darling he is. if you're looking at that picture thinking "just what IS that monstrosity stretching into the sky beyond their balcony?", it's a 3 floor driving range. toronto readers now know where i live....stalk me.

anyway, i'm just taking a break from silkscreening to (A) post a little something something and (B) to go pick up our film fest tickets. i better get going so i can come back and ink up again.