Wednesday, September 08, 2004

bulging eyes

we had colin farrell put on an ice cream cake for kate...she got his face, starr got his crotch. dig her hat baby!

it's that time of year again, the film fest is upon us. it starts tomorrow but we don't have our first film until friday night, at midnight. they have a series called 'midnight madness' which screens scary, twisted, and/or weird films. damian loves these and always tries to catch at least a couple. i'm not AS jazzed about them as he is, scary movies always work on long as they're done well of course....and i'm not all over gore. anyway, this year i'll be seeing THREE of them!

so, we're officially in training now, preparing ourselves for sleep deprivation (damian's got his red bull chillin'), on-the-go meals (or no meals at all), line ups, pushy people (some of whom can get quite nasty and will threaten bodily harm), numb bums, people asking in depth technical questions during q & a's just to look like a smartypants, and the volunteers shouting, as they form a human barrier, "lock and load" as the celebrities arrive at the theater.

what we'll be seeing:

~ 'creep' (midnight madness)

~ 'in my father's den'

~ 'the machinist' (midnight madness)

~ 'noel' (coz we're suckers for christmas movies)

~ 'wilby wonderful'

~ 'millions'


~ 'the libertine' (johnny depp is in it for crying out loud....what if he's there? i'll pray nightly)

~ 'trauma' (i have to bring colin firth home to mom)

~ 'primer'

~ 'saw' (midnight madness - last film of the fest. i had to be talked into this one.....we're talking major gorefest.)