Thursday, September 30, 2004



my friend michelle, the same michelle who got picked up by mark wahlberg during the film fest, is currently on the set of a t.v show which stars the ever delicious taye diggs. a non-speaking role (but who knows what could happen), she will be playing a cheerleader along with a few other girls.

not much exciting is happening in my life right now so i thought i'd post about someone else's.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

it cometh to an end


so the film fest is over, i weep. i love the fest, every night for a week i can escape into someone elses imagination and that fuckin' rocks! anyway, we saw a few good films and we saw a few shite ones too. here's my thoughts on each one:

'In My Father's Den' - excellent film! it made me cry. filmed in New Zealand, it had the most beautiful scenery.

'The Machinist' - dark. christian bale was wicked awesome in it. i now have a goal weight....holy shit, now that's skinny!

'Noel' - it was okay. we picked it because it was set at christmas time. too much godly talk i think.

'Wilby Wonderful' - ummmm, not that great. every canadian actor except don mckellar (who was in the audience) and sarah polley starred in it. i couldn't get into the characters, though callum keith rennie was good.

'Millions' - the best, my fave from this years fest!!!!! directed by danny boyle and stars the most adorable little boy in one of the lead roles. i don't know how you get kids to act that well but damn. we all gave them a standing ovation when it was over and just kept clapping as they left the theater. no one rushed them to get autographs(this is what typically happens after a film ends), it was the most touching had to be there i guess.

'The Libertine' - "excuse me, but would anyone mind if i slit my wrists with this gum wrapper?" BORING!!! i think i died a little. at least we got free beers (pictured above) while waiting in the VIP room before being let into the theater.

'Trauma' - colin firth was there..*yum*. this film was dark and i loved seeing colin in a dark role. creepy bits involving people under sheets shaking at a very fast speed, i know that makes no sense really but *shudder*.

'Primer' - a time travel film so it was confusing. i liked it though, it kept me thinking, trying to figure it all out. we talked to the director (also the writer and one of the stars so if anyone could clear something up for us, it had to be him) afterwards which sort of helped clear some stuff up. nice guy.

'Saw' - this should be in theaters soon, next month i think. one of the victims shared a name with me (you know how it's cool to hear your name in a movie? is that just me?) well, it wasn't cool hearing my name spoken by some freaky clown looking puppet guy on a rusty tricycle.

Monday, September 20, 2004

37 candles


happy birthday you guys, keep on rockin' like you've never rocked before! i've mailed off a pair of my underwear to you, hope you get it soon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004



now this is class, THIS is class! i had to document my first ever public outing in high heels and, being slightly drunk on all that stoli and red bull, decided a photo must be taken. while in the washroom i remembered that i had my phone on me, and the stalls had the best (minimal, but the best) lighting.

my sexed up foot on the rim of a shitter.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

all night stilleto

okay, so here goes. a re-cap of some of the film fest fun that has been had so far.

friday night was to be our very first film of the festival ('Creep' at midnight). starr and i wanted to go check out the red carpet action for the gala of 'I (heart) Huckabees' in hopes that Jude Law would be there. a friend of mine from work, michelle, ADORES Jude madly, so she came with us.

we made our way to the theater, grabbed a spot of sidewalk across from the theater with all the other gawkers, and waited. of course we were laughing and joking around and maybe, we really have no idea why, it caught someone's attention. a guy came up to me and said "excuse me, i'm doing a documentary for the CBC, do you mind if i interview you on camera?" i said "no" and he said "great, i'll be right back" and walked away. i tried to get michelle into doing it since she's the aspiring actress but she said "no, this is all you". so the guy came back. i'm thinking it's going to be him and maybe one other person holding a camcorder, i was wrong. 3 other guys came back with him. a camerman, a boom operator, and some guy who introduced himself to me and then just stood there. a rough transcript of the interview:

dude: "so who are you hoping to see here tonight?"
me: (quickly searching for a name) "Jude Law"
dude: "Jude Law? What about (i forget the name so we'll call him Artie Henderson) Arti Henderson?"
me: "totally, yeah, Artie Henderson all the way"
dude: "do you know who Artie Henderson is?"
me: "i have no idea, no"
dude: "he's the projectionist showing tonight's film"
me: "ohhhhhh"
dude: "don't you think projectionists deserve just the same or even more respect than people like Jude Law?"
me: "yeah well, they just need to get their names out there so we know who they are i guess"
dude: "did you know that women all over the world have pictures of projectionists hanging in their bedrooms?"
me: "where can i get one?"
dude: "okay, so let's say you're in Yorkville, Jude Law and Artie Henderson both want to have lunch with you but you can only pick one, who do you pick?"
me: (looking like i'm putting a lot of thought into it) "Artie all the way!"
dude : (to the camera) "you see, projectionists ARE hot"

so it was a strange experience, but a fun one. then the limos started to arrive, out popped the likes of Jason Schwartzman, Selma Blair, Zooey Deschanel, Lily Tomlin, Mark Whalberg, and Dustin Hoffman. everyone was freaking for Marky Mark and calling him over. he had quite the large entourage, i dubbed them his "funky bunch". at one point, while he was being interviewed by one of the many press people, i looked over and saw a member of his funky bunch looking over in our direction. i thought "is that guy looking at michelle?" he leaned over to Marky Mark, whispered something and then Marky Mark looked over. when he was done with the interview, instead of going into the theater he came across the street to sign autographs. he approached our area and michelle said "can i just shake your hand? i think you're beautiful" they shook hands, he asked her her name, and so on & so on. he walked away to sign some more stuff and all of a sudden it got silent, like it was a set up for what michelle was about to say. she didn't say it overly loud but he wasn't that far away either. she blurted out "why don't you just come over here and kiss me?" to which Marky Mark replied with an air kiss in her direction and a "you're beautiful". this all lead to his manager coming over to us asking "which one of you is michelle" and then telling us an address and a time to be there. we realized that we had just been invited to the after party!

shit, this is already so long. jump forward to kate arriving at my place after her film to drop off a purse i requested, us telling her what happend and saying she HAD to come along, us getting dolled the fuck up, and me in stilletos walking out the door. i have NEVER worn high heels in my life, nevermind stilletos. i borrowed them from michelle. i'm pro now.

jump, again, to us arriving at the address (SO close to our house, it was perfect). jump to us standing in front of a hoochie bitch in Gucci shoes holding a clipboard. jump to "you're not on the list" spoken by the hoochie who didn't even glance at "the list". jump to michelle feeling like shit. jump to celebs (like the delish Taye Diggs who kate couldn't take her eyes off of) arriving, going inside, and coming back out almost instantly. jump to me saying "our night is NOT over, lets hit Yorkville".

we arrived in Yorkville which was simply crawling with people. we ended up in a bar called Flow where our first round of drinks (vodka and red bull) cost us $58. starr went upstairs to find us a seat where we then sat and nursed the shit out of our golden cocktails. enter "the money". this is what i dubbed the 4 or 5 gentlemen in expensive suits who we ended up chatting with (i know, i have a bad habit of dubbing people). one "money", a doctor at Mt. Sinai, suggested we get out of there and hit a club. * i'm going to have to jump again, this could take a while if i wrote every detail *

we ended up at 'Lobby' drinking more and more red bull & vodka. it was feeling pretty good, totally out of our element, me in stilletos, doctors and lawyers buying us drinks, and then the back area got closed off. two big bouncers stood guard.

i came back from the washroom (the swankiest shitter i've ever seen) to starr saying " Jamie Foxx is in there. i said to him that he was going to win an oscar and he said thanks baby then kissed me on both cheeks." lucky us that kate is so damn cute, one of the bouncers took a liking to her and long story short (too late), we found ourselves in the private party with Jamie. at one point i opened my eyes (they always close when i'm dancing) to make sure my ladies were all still there and that none of the many agents, producers, directors, etc. hadn't stolen them away. i located starr, i saw michelle, but where was kate? i scanned the room in near panic when i spotted her, phew, her and Jamie were just shakin it together.

anyway, we had a frigin blast! we rolled into bed around 5:30/5:45 saturday morning only to have to get up for a film at 12:00pm (which really means we had to be in line by 11:00 if we wanted seats together). tired. we had another movie saturday night at midnight which got off to a late start thanks to Orlando Bloom. his movie was before ours and no one would leave him alone.

anyway anyway anyway. we did it up hollywood style for a night and i'm sad to say it'll probably be the only time it happens.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

coming soon

i've been killer busy with film fest stuff, some late ass nights. a juicy post is on it's way (some pics too) but for now i have to head out to grab some eats and then hit another film.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


it's okay toronto, there's no need to worry about the puddles flooding our streets......i soaked them all up with the cuffs of my jeans.

there's major water happening outside and i sit here in discomfort with my legs encased in heavy wet denim because of it. my umbrella wasn't much help, i needed a full on wetsuit. i'm worried my ankles are going to get pneumonia.

it's wild how fast my pants drank up the water. my denim puddles stopped forming just before they made contact with my knees. i'm not even going to get into the state of my hair and how it's plastered to my head in a series of uneven waves jutting outward. i'm a picture of ultimate beauty.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

bulging eyes

we had colin farrell put on an ice cream cake for kate...she got his face, starr got his crotch. dig her hat baby!

it's that time of year again, the film fest is upon us. it starts tomorrow but we don't have our first film until friday night, at midnight. they have a series called 'midnight madness' which screens scary, twisted, and/or weird films. damian loves these and always tries to catch at least a couple. i'm not AS jazzed about them as he is, scary movies always work on long as they're done well of course....and i'm not all over gore. anyway, this year i'll be seeing THREE of them!

so, we're officially in training now, preparing ourselves for sleep deprivation (damian's got his red bull chillin'), on-the-go meals (or no meals at all), line ups, pushy people (some of whom can get quite nasty and will threaten bodily harm), numb bums, people asking in depth technical questions during q & a's just to look like a smartypants, and the volunteers shouting, as they form a human barrier, "lock and load" as the celebrities arrive at the theater.

what we'll be seeing:

~ 'creep' (midnight madness)

~ 'in my father's den'

~ 'the machinist' (midnight madness)

~ 'noel' (coz we're suckers for christmas movies)

~ 'wilby wonderful'

~ 'millions'


~ 'the libertine' (johnny depp is in it for crying out loud....what if he's there? i'll pray nightly)

~ 'trauma' (i have to bring colin firth home to mom)

~ 'primer'

~ 'saw' (midnight madness - last film of the fest. i had to be talked into this one.....we're talking major gorefest.)

Monday, September 06, 2004


rockin' my painting scrubs and a doo-rag

starr's new roommates (that's right, she's moving out...*weep*) are actors and 2 of them are in a sketch comedy troupe. i've been commissioned to make a TON of shirts for them for 2 shows they have tomorrow night and wednesday night at the U of T. pheww, lots of work baby. our living room/dining room as become my studio....oh, and i've got a little piece of kitchen counter too. i'm all over the place and covered in ink. look at our balcony


damian made me a clothes line, what a darling he is. if you're looking at that picture thinking "just what IS that monstrosity stretching into the sky beyond their balcony?", it's a 3 floor driving range. toronto readers now know where i live....stalk me.

anyway, i'm just taking a break from silkscreening to (A) post a little something something and (B) to go pick up our film fest tickets. i better get going so i can come back and ink up again.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

her day....all hers

(kate age 4 or 5 before her ballet recital)

it's my little sisters 25th birthday today, strawberry daiquiris for everyone!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's the best ever.

Friday, September 03, 2004

until we meet again


this is my horror, or rather, desk, at work. i will be saying goodbye to her for a while, no, not because i got a spine and a huge set of balls and finally quit, but because one of my co-workers did it before me and now i have to do her job. i will be moving over to her desk next week but today i will be at a makeshift desk while someone sits here and learns the phone ropes.

i'm told this is only going to be for a couple of weeks and then i can return to the magnificent glory which is the photo above. i'm doing it until they hire someone new. it's a thankless job with nothing in it for me except the soothing sounds of the guy who coughs up lung butter a couple offices over. anyway, i'll try to be strong. i'll think of that poster of the kitten hanging from a tree branch.

there's a lot of change going on around me lately and i'm dying to hop on the bandwagon.

so how about a tour of my desk then?

to the left you'll see the source of my headaches and violent thoughts...the telephone. beside that to the right you'll see my escapist devices....... sabrina's new book and the Garden State soundtrack. up there on the plant basket, that's George and Brad. kate made it as a card for our mom and thought i needed a copy to watch over me. on top of my computer you can see a plethora of "stuff". there's a foamy pumpkin that i squeeze when people are prick shit assholes to me on the phone (it gets squeezed A LOT!), a husky stuffed toy, a stuffed kangaroo we brought back from australia, keri's daring dice, a little ghost that damian bought me because i fuckin' LOVE halloween, a plastic flower that came out of a cupcake (because i'm a pack-rat dammit), and finally a foamy just for laughs devil that gets the shite squeezed out of him just as mush as old pumpkin does.

oh my god that's so boring.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

you had me at "skiddily doo bop"

i've got toronto's jazz station on right now, i love me some jazz! my dad once asked if i liked jazz music, i said "hell yeah, love it, why?" he said that when my mom was pregnant with me they went to a jazz club and i was rockin' out like mad, kicking the shit out of my mom.

some of the jazz on here is kind of cheese, like, i can do without the velvet fog scatting away like it's the only way he can get a good breath of air. there was this song on before Mel that sounded like it should have been in some 80's made for t.v. movie that took place in space, it had laser sounds and everything. it was like love scene in a spaceship music. there's Connie Selleca looking all sad and vulnerable when who should come into her quarters fresh out of the shower, Scott Bakula. he's got a towel wrapped around his waist and there's still water dripping down his chest. Connie's character can't hold back her burning desire for him anymore, he can see that in her eyes. he rushes over to her grabbing her passionately, they fall onto a nearby table kissing feverishly to laser jazz music.

i think they're in the middle of the cheese set list because i seriously just heard these lyrics:

"like a guy on a desert isle would love the smile on you, like a gangster loves to put in the screws, like a crocodile loves to grin and grovel in his ooze. that's how i love the blues"

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Super Organic


check it out, my cranberry granola bar looks like it's wearing a cape. it fights for the rights of organic snack foods worldwide. it's cranberry goodness will protect you from almost certain bladder infections. regular granola bar eaters should fear it's wrath.

geezus! i am SO bored......get me the shit out of this office before i totally lose it. photographing my cheap ass idea of breakfast? humanizing it? *help me*