Monday, August 16, 2004

J.C.'s famous chocolate chip cookies


on friday night starr & i went out, just the girls, to hemingway's for dinner & drinks. it was really nice, just the two of us chatting and laughing. we scored a gorgeous night for a rooftop dinner too, the afternoon rain storm finished just in time. afterwards we wandered around yorkville looking in the darkend shop windows wondering to each other, "imagine being able to walk into one of these joints, picking up a belt or something that caught your eye and having no problem dropping $400 on it?". must be nice. we then decided to walk to st. george subway rather than hop on at bay (that way, no line transfers). we passed by a club called 'lobby' or 'the lobby', whatever, there was a lot of white. anyway, as we passed by i looked in to see what it was like. who did i see parked on one of the white couches? chazz palminteri. starr's sister loves him so she had to make the call to tell her. it was a fun night.

damian & i got up early and went for a drive to downey's and then to look at houses. we've both been thinking about how nice it would be to have a house, get out of the condo thing (noisy neighbours, maintenance fees, having to ask permission to change anything about your apartment, etc.) and have our very own patch of land somewhere. it's an amazing thing when you leave the city and enter the country, you can actually feel your shoulders sink down to where they're supposed to be. they stop reaching up to your ears and let out a sigh of relief. at least that's how i felt, like all the tension subsided.....until we got back into the city of course. the air was crisp and fresh and it smelled so damn good. we found a house, god knows where, that we loved so we wrote the real estate info down and i snapped a phone pic to remember it by. upon entering the city again we realized we weren't ready to leave it. we're still having too much fun with old T dot O. besides, it turns out the house is over $400 grand.

later on in the afternoon, starr and i headed over to my parents place for a swim. we acted like 5 years olds splashing around, it was fantastic! then i had a allergy attack, took some drugs, went home and passed out.

i awoke early from one of the most bizarre dreams i've had in a long long time. jesus was peddling kitchen products door to door. he was using the power of celebrity to help him, not his own celebrity however, but uma thurman's. he'd ring a doorbell or knock 1...2...3... then hold up and 'entertainment weekly' magazine to the peep hole. when people looked out their doors their eyes met with a cover photo of jesus with uma thurman at some big hollywood party. people started catching on to jesus's trick so they knew not to open the door when the magazine appeared in their peep hole. so jesus tried something different, he took himself out of the photo and just left it as uma at some big hollywood party. people started opening their doors to him with no hesitation at all and jesus sold A LOT of mixing bowls.

since i was awake i got up and headed downstairs to work on some silkscreen designs. i stepped out onto our balcony and it was perfect, it was warm, there was hardly any wind, and it was quiet. so i decided to bring my ink and vellum outside. that's where the flowers up there came from, my little early morning inking.