Tuesday, August 31, 2004

i gots the juice


the only problem with that can up there is that the bitch is empty! i'm flyin' right now, this shit actually works. if i had my way i'd adjust the taste a bit but damn, i needed it.

you can't get red bull in canada, well toronto anyway (or can you? anyone seen it yet?). damian and starr did some border hopping on sunday and smuggled about 2 dozen cans back with them. they really took a risk doing that too, they had to put them in condoms and swallow them. damian sure does love his red bull!

don't tell damian that i took one, shit, are you reading this D? i knew by the way my eyes wouldn't stay open this morning that i'd need one at work. i waited until the perfect moment, that moment when my hands stopped typing and fell still on the keys, my eyes closed and my head slowly fell. i jolted awake with the sudden question, "how long was i out? who saw me?" and realized it was red bull time. can i get this shit pumped into me via IV? i can just see myself walking through the office with my little IV stand rolling behind me.

i get this same feeling from midol, like a giddy energy. all i want to do is talk talk talk and run around. only, with the midol my hands shake....that's bad right? anyway, i wonder what combining them would be like?

moving on. i had to post this picture of kelsey in bedsheets because it's cute and i'm the type of sappy person who posts pet photos.


yeah, she looks pretty thrilled to be there doesn't she? see the bed she's lying on? kate made that for the dogs for christmas (coz we're the kind of sappy people who buy our pets christmas presents).....she MADE IT! damn her. i'm no good with sewing, just ask my home economics teacher.

i bought the easiest pattern in the history of patterns, a pair of baggy elastic waist pants. it took me the whole semester to finish them and they ended up being tossed across our living room in a fit of hemming rage. they were the ugliest things in the world. humiliation came in the form of having to wear them in a fashion show in front of the school. we're talking a catwalk and sassy strutting, the works! a week before the show i went out of my way to break a limb or catch an illness, anything to get out of it. no luck. try accessorizing baggy purple elastic waist pants that ended up being too short, it can't be done.

see what i mean? talk talk talk.