Wednesday, August 04, 2004

holy shit, it's august!


on saturday damian & i went over to my parents house for a family bbq. a couple of my cousins went for a spin on damian's motorcycle but when he asked "anyone else?" everyone said they were fine. we headed back into the backyard for more of my mom's delicious margaritas. a little while later, somewhere between the tequila and the rim of salt, my grandma found the desire to try the bike. damian said "let's go", she popped my helmut on, and he whisked her away.

* please note that damian was not drunk, he had one drink in him. we did not let him drunkenly toot grandma around the streets*

she returned with a huge grin on her face boasting "i loved it, wait until i tell my brothers!"

phew, i can't believe it's august already. there's a few things i'm looking forward to this month, they all seem to be at the end of the month but still, fun things.

~ the autumn issue of BUST comes out with kate & i's ad in it.

~ we get to pick our films for the film fest (always a bit of a crazy process).

~ there might be a sibling rivalry party at my house. new fall goodies (including knickers), drinks, and food. more on that as it develops.

~ the CNE. sure, it's a bit of a dive but it's tradition. the main draw for us is the food building, damn, pierogies and fresh squeezed lemonade. damian goes the healthy route and gets a deep fried chocolate bar. hot, gooey, greasy, chocolatey, artery clogging goodness.

~ sabrina's new book, 'messy thrilling life' comes out. i can't wait, i adore her!

~ the end of this puddle we've come to know as our "summer". i'm an autumn girl all the way. give me crispy air while wearing a cozy sweater, walking hand in hand with my damian as we crunch leaves on the sidewalk.

that's it for now i guess. i wish i could put "a trip to europe" on that list but the cash flow won't let me. i think wanderlust is sneaking up on me.