Monday, August 23, 2004

garden state

rain kisses will always be my favourite kind of film kiss, no matter how many times i see them.

i finally saw 'garden state' yesterday afternoon with starr. i didn't even have to wait for the end to put it on my list of favourite films. it's so rare to find a film that touches me, makes me think and feel. i adored 'garden state' in one million different ways.

i kept saying to myself "this is my favourite scene, the scene i will look forward to every time i watch it" but they kept coming. scene upon scene had me looking forward to the next time i watch it.

i said to starr, "it's hard to walk out of the theater without a crush on zach braff". i'm a sucker for people with creative talent, i really admire them and i love immersing myself in what they've created. zach (we're on a first name basis) has it, writer, director, and actor. everything he did with 'garden state' was wonderful. the writing was beautiful, something you could actually identify with.

afterwards we headed to HMV to pick up the soundtrack but of course they were sold out. so we asked the girl to call another location, they had it, they held it, we walked, i bought it. now i get to have it spin through my ears while i push paper and think about better things.