Thursday, August 12, 2004

change is good

this morning as starr & i left the apartment (her to the gym, me to work) it felt like fall. i think summer might be over. starr pointed out that the clouds looked like december, all big and "snow is coming" looking.

as i was walking to the streetcar stop, a lady i see everyday (usually across the street from me going through garbage bags collecting bottles and cans) passed by me and wished me a "good morning". it took a few seconds to register that a stranger just wished me goodness so i was slow on the return, i hope she heard me. upon arriving at my morning waiting post i noticed that there were no streetcars within view, so i decided to walk until one came along.

i was walking down king st. singing 'sunshine superman' ( 'confessions of a dangerous mind' was on t.v. before i left, that was the last song i heard) in my head and banging my free daily paper on my leg to keep the beat. a man with very blue eyes standing on the sidewalk said "hey smiley, how's it going today?" to which i replied "good thanks, and you?"

it's sort of a nice way to start the day, friendly strangers.