Friday, August 20, 2004

the big grape

i was just saved from the hellish horrors of a timbit by a piece of grape bubblegum.

once again i'm on the "try to eat healthier for crying out loud and maybe you won't be so tired all the time" kick that i attempt frequently and a timbit just doesn't fit. sure, i guess technically grape bubblegum doesn't fit either but geez, it's grape right? like the fruit? anyway, i don't feel TOO bad chomping on the purple rubber sugar, it seems less heinous than a mini donut that will eventually lead to another mini donut which will eventually lead to another one and so on. you catch my drift.

so this guy, we'll call him "co-worker" perched that famous yellow box on my desk and said "want one?" lucky me with my grape wad said "no thanks, i just put gum in". the truth of the matter is i had put the gum in a good 10 minutes before him and his evil treats approached me and it was already loosing it's flavour. i'm even convinced he thought i meant i had just put mint gum in, majority of people chew mint right? it's morning, who would be chewing bubblegum at this hour? he said to me "well, maybe later when the taste goes away", i replied with "yeah, maybe, don't want to ruin it right?" what a fool he is, i'm sure the grape gum flavour would have happily mingled with donut flavour. i totally had him, he totally believed it was due to my recent gum intake that i couldn't partake in the donut scene.

i'm ace! i renounced the timbit, i'm on my can't hurt, can it?