Monday, August 30, 2004

B. Willie

my horoscope for today reads:

"you have a hidden advantage in that you're directly linked to the Spirit. this gives you the ability to come up with amazing ideas."

do you suppose they mean a 'sixth sense' Bruce Willis (or as we prefer to call him, B. Willie) type of spirit or do they mean an inner sort of spirit? because i once had my ponytail tugged by a spirit while standing outside of a cemetery in Salem, and if that dude is still tailing me, "linked" to me as they say....i'm gonna be pretty ticked off. that's all i get? some crummy old ghost that pulls hair? i can tell you that no "amazing ideas" are coming out of that loser.

maybe it's not the spirit from Salem, maybe i'm ragging on the wrong guy. maybe it's the ghost i saw in my friends bedroom in highschool. or maybe it's the one that lives in my parents house and calls peoples names and shakes beds (you know who i mean starr). or maybe it's B. Willie.

if i were going to be haunted by a celebrity who's played a ghost i don't think i'd want it to be B. Willie, he does this thing with his mouth that drives me nuts. maybe Nicole Kidman, but she's too gorgeous man, i mean i don't want my spirit to get all the attention. there's always Patrick Swayze and the whole unchained melody deal, nah, i've never been all over the Pat. i think he'd just get annoying after a while, you know?

maybe they do mean an inner spirit but it's hard to tell, they put a juicy capital "S" on spirit. maybe the Spirit is something all of it's own, like some hot new thing that everyone knows about except me, like i'm out of the loop or something. has he done any movies? maybe an oatmeal commercial? i really don't think i should be out of this loop since i'm directly linked and all.

i'll try to figure this all out though, i could really go for some amazing ideas right about now.