Tuesday, August 31, 2004

i gots the juice


the only problem with that can up there is that the bitch is empty! i'm flyin' right now, this shit actually works. if i had my way i'd adjust the taste a bit but damn, i needed it.

you can't get red bull in canada, well toronto anyway (or can you? anyone seen it yet?). damian and starr did some border hopping on sunday and smuggled about 2 dozen cans back with them. they really took a risk doing that too, they had to put them in condoms and swallow them. damian sure does love his red bull!

don't tell damian that i took one, shit, are you reading this D? i knew by the way my eyes wouldn't stay open this morning that i'd need one at work. i waited until the perfect moment, that moment when my hands stopped typing and fell still on the keys, my eyes closed and my head slowly fell. i jolted awake with the sudden question, "how long was i out? who saw me?" and realized it was red bull time. can i get this shit pumped into me via IV? i can just see myself walking through the office with my little IV stand rolling behind me.

i get this same feeling from midol, like a giddy energy. all i want to do is talk talk talk and run around. only, with the midol my hands shake....that's bad right? anyway, i wonder what combining them would be like?

moving on. i had to post this picture of kelsey in bedsheets because it's cute and i'm the type of sappy person who posts pet photos.


yeah, she looks pretty thrilled to be there doesn't she? see the bed she's lying on? kate made that for the dogs for christmas (coz we're the kind of sappy people who buy our pets christmas presents).....she MADE IT! damn her. i'm no good with sewing, just ask my home economics teacher.

i bought the easiest pattern in the history of patterns, a pair of baggy elastic waist pants. it took me the whole semester to finish them and they ended up being tossed across our living room in a fit of hemming rage. they were the ugliest things in the world. humiliation came in the form of having to wear them in a fashion show in front of the school. we're talking a catwalk and sassy strutting, the works! a week before the show i went out of my way to break a limb or catch an illness, anything to get out of it. no luck. try accessorizing baggy purple elastic waist pants that ended up being too short, it can't be done.

see what i mean? talk talk talk.

Monday, August 30, 2004

B. Willie

my horoscope for today reads:

"you have a hidden advantage in that you're directly linked to the Spirit. this gives you the ability to come up with amazing ideas."

do you suppose they mean a 'sixth sense' Bruce Willis (or as we prefer to call him, B. Willie) type of spirit or do they mean an inner sort of spirit? because i once had my ponytail tugged by a spirit while standing outside of a cemetery in Salem, and if that dude is still tailing me, "linked" to me as they say....i'm gonna be pretty ticked off. that's all i get? some crummy old ghost that pulls hair? i can tell you that no "amazing ideas" are coming out of that loser.

maybe it's not the spirit from Salem, maybe i'm ragging on the wrong guy. maybe it's the ghost i saw in my friends bedroom in highschool. or maybe it's the one that lives in my parents house and calls peoples names and shakes beds (you know who i mean starr). or maybe it's B. Willie.

if i were going to be haunted by a celebrity who's played a ghost i don't think i'd want it to be B. Willie, he does this thing with his mouth that drives me nuts. maybe Nicole Kidman, but she's too gorgeous man, i mean i don't want my spirit to get all the attention. there's always Patrick Swayze and the whole unchained melody deal, nah, i've never been all over the Pat. i think he'd just get annoying after a while, you know?

maybe they do mean an inner spirit but it's hard to tell, they put a juicy capital "S" on spirit. maybe the Spirit is something all of it's own, like some hot new thing that everyone knows about except me, like i'm out of the loop or something. has he done any movies? maybe an oatmeal commercial? i really don't think i should be out of this loop since i'm directly linked and all.

i'll try to figure this all out though, i could really go for some amazing ideas right about now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

take me now, you witty sex machine

transcript of last nights conversation between me and the little guy who runs the convenient store under our apartment.

* a bit of background * - i have a shirt that says "donuts, it's best for dinner". i was wearing it.

him - (reading....and checking out my boobies no doubt) "donuts, it's best for dinner"
me - "that's right, the best!"
him - (grinning while he takes my money) "are you donuts?"
me - "no, i am not donuts"

and they say romance is dead.

Monday, August 23, 2004

garden state

rain kisses will always be my favourite kind of film kiss, no matter how many times i see them.

i finally saw 'garden state' yesterday afternoon with starr. i didn't even have to wait for the end to put it on my list of favourite films. it's so rare to find a film that touches me, makes me think and feel. i adored 'garden state' in one million different ways.

i kept saying to myself "this is my favourite scene, the scene i will look forward to every time i watch it" but they kept coming. scene upon scene had me looking forward to the next time i watch it.

i said to starr, "it's hard to walk out of the theater without a crush on zach braff". i'm a sucker for people with creative talent, i really admire them and i love immersing myself in what they've created. zach (we're on a first name basis) has it, writer, director, and actor. everything he did with 'garden state' was wonderful. the writing was beautiful, something you could actually identify with.

afterwards we headed to HMV to pick up the soundtrack but of course they were sold out. so we asked the girl to call another location, they had it, they held it, we walked, i bought it. now i get to have it spin through my ears while i push paper and think about better things.

Friday, August 20, 2004

the big grape

i was just saved from the hellish horrors of a timbit by a piece of grape bubblegum.

once again i'm on the "try to eat healthier for crying out loud and maybe you won't be so tired all the time" kick that i attempt frequently and a timbit just doesn't fit. sure, i guess technically grape bubblegum doesn't fit either but geez, it's grape right? like the fruit? anyway, i don't feel TOO bad chomping on the purple rubber sugar, it seems less heinous than a mini donut that will eventually lead to another mini donut which will eventually lead to another one and so on. you catch my drift.

so this guy, we'll call him "co-worker" perched that famous yellow box on my desk and said "want one?" lucky me with my grape wad said "no thanks, i just put gum in". the truth of the matter is i had put the gum in a good 10 minutes before him and his evil treats approached me and it was already loosing it's flavour. i'm even convinced he thought i meant i had just put mint gum in, majority of people chew mint right? it's morning, who would be chewing bubblegum at this hour? he said to me "well, maybe later when the taste goes away", i replied with "yeah, maybe, don't want to ruin it right?" what a fool he is, i'm sure the grape gum flavour would have happily mingled with donut flavour. i totally had him, he totally believed it was due to my recent gum intake that i couldn't partake in the donut scene.

i'm ace! i renounced the timbit, i'm on my way.........one can't hurt, can it?

Thursday, August 19, 2004

floating in stars


last night i took a purple bath. i used my very last bomb from the christmas lush package i got. there were sparkling stars hidden within it which were released as the bomb dissolved. you should have seen the tub after the water had drained, i didn't rinse them away, i liked them there!

i think i should start having baths more often, treat myself to some more goodies from lush. next time i'll have to make a few changes though:

* instead of the nasty overhead light, candles.

* instead of the fan that buzzes, without choice, when the light is flicked on, music (maybe jazz. this goes quite well the whole candles thing).

* depending on my mood (or the day i've had), a cup of herbal tea OR a glass of wine OR if i could find these in toronto.......

Monday, August 16, 2004

J.C.'s famous chocolate chip cookies


on friday night starr & i went out, just the girls, to hemingway's for dinner & drinks. it was really nice, just the two of us chatting and laughing. we scored a gorgeous night for a rooftop dinner too, the afternoon rain storm finished just in time. afterwards we wandered around yorkville looking in the darkend shop windows wondering to each other, "imagine being able to walk into one of these joints, picking up a belt or something that caught your eye and having no problem dropping $400 on it?". must be nice. we then decided to walk to st. george subway rather than hop on at bay (that way, no line transfers). we passed by a club called 'lobby' or 'the lobby', whatever, there was a lot of white. anyway, as we passed by i looked in to see what it was like. who did i see parked on one of the white couches? chazz palminteri. starr's sister loves him so she had to make the call to tell her. it was a fun night.

damian & i got up early and went for a drive to downey's and then to look at houses. we've both been thinking about how nice it would be to have a house, get out of the condo thing (noisy neighbours, maintenance fees, having to ask permission to change anything about your apartment, etc.) and have our very own patch of land somewhere. it's an amazing thing when you leave the city and enter the country, you can actually feel your shoulders sink down to where they're supposed to be. they stop reaching up to your ears and let out a sigh of relief. at least that's how i felt, like all the tension subsided.....until we got back into the city of course. the air was crisp and fresh and it smelled so damn good. we found a house, god knows where, that we loved so we wrote the real estate info down and i snapped a phone pic to remember it by. upon entering the city again we realized we weren't ready to leave it. we're still having too much fun with old T dot O. besides, it turns out the house is over $400 grand.

later on in the afternoon, starr and i headed over to my parents place for a swim. we acted like 5 years olds splashing around, it was fantastic! then i had a allergy attack, took some drugs, went home and passed out.

i awoke early from one of the most bizarre dreams i've had in a long long time. jesus was peddling kitchen products door to door. he was using the power of celebrity to help him, not his own celebrity however, but uma thurman's. he'd ring a doorbell or knock 1...2...3... then hold up and 'entertainment weekly' magazine to the peep hole. when people looked out their doors their eyes met with a cover photo of jesus with uma thurman at some big hollywood party. people started catching on to jesus's trick so they knew not to open the door when the magazine appeared in their peep hole. so jesus tried something different, he took himself out of the photo and just left it as uma at some big hollywood party. people started opening their doors to him with no hesitation at all and jesus sold A LOT of mixing bowls.

since i was awake i got up and headed downstairs to work on some silkscreen designs. i stepped out onto our balcony and it was perfect, it was warm, there was hardly any wind, and it was quiet. so i decided to bring my ink and vellum outside. that's where the flowers up there came from, my little early morning inking.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

change is good

this morning as starr & i left the apartment (her to the gym, me to work) it felt like fall. i think summer might be over. starr pointed out that the clouds looked like december, all big and "snow is coming" looking.

as i was walking to the streetcar stop, a lady i see everyday (usually across the street from me going through garbage bags collecting bottles and cans) passed by me and wished me a "good morning". it took a few seconds to register that a stranger just wished me goodness so i was slow on the return, i hope she heard me. upon arriving at my morning waiting post i noticed that there were no streetcars within view, so i decided to walk until one came along.

i was walking down king st. singing 'sunshine superman' ( 'confessions of a dangerous mind' was on t.v. before i left, that was the last song i heard) in my head and banging my free daily paper on my leg to keep the beat. a man with very blue eyes standing on the sidewalk said "hey smiley, how's it going today?" to which i replied "good thanks, and you?"

it's sort of a nice way to start the day, friendly strangers.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

holy shit, it's august!


on saturday damian & i went over to my parents house for a family bbq. a couple of my cousins went for a spin on damian's motorcycle but when he asked "anyone else?" everyone said they were fine. we headed back into the backyard for more of my mom's delicious margaritas. a little while later, somewhere between the tequila and the rim of salt, my grandma found the desire to try the bike. damian said "let's go", she popped my helmut on, and he whisked her away.

* please note that damian was not drunk, he had one drink in him. we did not let him drunkenly toot grandma around the streets*

she returned with a huge grin on her face boasting "i loved it, wait until i tell my brothers!"

phew, i can't believe it's august already. there's a few things i'm looking forward to this month, they all seem to be at the end of the month but still, fun things.

~ the autumn issue of BUST comes out with kate & i's ad in it.

~ we get to pick our films for the film fest (always a bit of a crazy process).

~ there might be a sibling rivalry party at my house. new fall goodies (including knickers), drinks, and food. more on that as it develops.

~ the CNE. sure, it's a bit of a dive but it's tradition. the main draw for us is the food building, damn, pierogies and fresh squeezed lemonade. damian goes the healthy route and gets a deep fried chocolate bar. hot, gooey, greasy, chocolatey, artery clogging goodness.

~ sabrina's new book, 'messy thrilling life' comes out. i can't wait, i adore her!

~ the end of this puddle we've come to know as our "summer". i'm an autumn girl all the way. give me crispy air while wearing a cozy sweater, walking hand in hand with my damian as we crunch leaves on the sidewalk.

that's it for now i guess. i wish i could put "a trip to europe" on that list but the cash flow won't let me. i think wanderlust is sneaking up on me.